Living Under a Rock!

"Look at this! I can't believe it!" I said.

"What did you find?"

"Determination!" I replied.

You can call it Spring fever, if you must. I call it a little bit of Heaven.

I spent most of Sunday afternoon outside. I couldn't wait to clean up the yard and rid my life of winter.

I have never before cleaned and started the pond this early. But I am happy to say, the water is flowing and the fish are swimming.

Of course the pond wasn't a part of the original plan for Sunday. I really just wanted to clear the leaves away from the flower bed.

"Those daffodils are pushing right through winter's garbage." I said.

I raked the area carefully, so as to prevent any damage to the brave little flowers that fought their way toward the sun.

But it wasn't until I moved a rock that somehow ended up in the garden, that I was truly inspired.

"This flower grew like a snake in order to find its way to the light," I said in amazement.

It was true. The rock had landed on a spot where a flower grew each year. I would figure that there was no way that flower would make it.

But it did.

When I lifted the rock, I found the flower had grown around in a zig-zag design until it finally found its way out.

I was so very impressed with this that it held my attention for several minutes.

"Are you just going to sit there and look at it?" Marianne asked.

"No, I'm sitting here admiring it, praising it and yes, pondering a deeper meaning in all this."

"Pondering? Well, I'll let you ponder a while longer."

Here's what I discovered.

That flower could only do one thing. It had to grow. It was being all that it was designed to be. It was becoming what it was created to be.

There was no great battle between it and the rock. It didn't remain under ground because something was blocking its normal path. It simply responded by finding a way to complete its predestined journey. It simply completed itself. It fulfilled all of God's expectations.

Instead of lying there defeated by the rock, it worked around it.

How then should we respond to such challenges?

How many times, when faced with an obstacle, do we stop, quit, whine, and blame others?

If God put such will and determination in a flower to complete its purpose, what powers would He give us?

Have you ever seen a plant growing on a ledge of a building several stories high? A wisp of a weed grows wherever it is carried by the wind. The conditions are not perfect, the landing precarious, but it grows right where it lands and completes itself.

Everything it was created to be was inside that seed. The entire plan for its life, the complete and perfect design was all there within itself.

But here's the best part. In order for it to become complete it needed to rely on God for everything else.

The wind, the water, the sun and nourishment.

What an incredible thing!

God does not create anything without providing everything needed to fulfill His plan for it.

So what's the difference between you and a plant?

The plant has no choice. It will be all it was created to be. It knows nothing else. A daffodil can't be a horse.

But God gave you a gift of choice. Perhaps you have made the wrong choices.

Like a seed, you have all you were created to be inside you and He will provide all you need to complete His plan for you.

If you didn't know must be "Living under a rock!"

Bob Perks

copyright 2004 Bob Perks

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