The Reluctant Fire

Last weekend my family and I went camping near a beautiful lake. In fact, our trailer was right at the top of a rise, overlooking the beach and the surrounding lake below. It was beautiful. But my kids didn't really seem to appreciate the beauty. For them, the only thing that was important was the campfire so that they could roast marshmallows and make S'mores! As we arrived late after work on Friday evening, we decided to postpone building their campfire until the next day. The boys were beside themselves with impatience!

But to our dismay, it poured during the night. As unexpected as this rain was (the weather report had called for 0% precipitation!), we hadn't thought it necessary to bring in the firewood. So of course, it lay outside, at the mercy of the elements, and when we tried to start our campfire the next evening, we found that our wood was ruined. We decided to try anyway, so we gathered sticks, bark, and of course, lots of paper! But the only result of my attempt to ignite the fire was an abundance of smoke that flared up quickly, and just as quickly died out. The wood was wet, and nothing (except perhaps, gasoline!) would cause it to light! As I was setting fire to my last piece of paper, I glanced up at my boys. Their faces already drug the floor. They knew as well as I did that this was hopeless! And my heart sank with them.

However in this last futile attempt to start a fire, I did something different. I approached God's throne and thanked Him for coming to my help. Nothing I could do would start that fire. It was just impossible. But God is a God of the impossible! Luke 18:27 "What is impossible with men is possible with God." So I approached His throne and received the assurance that He would come through. Then I lit the paper and put it immediately under the wood.

I totally expected that fire to blaze up immediately. It didn't. Instead, the paper burned up, the typical spout of smoke exploded, and I was sure it would die off immediately, just like al of my other attempts.

But wait. Didn't I ask the assistance of my faithful friend? "Out of me you doubts!" I cried. "I believe in the promises of my forever friend!"

As I watched the wood, it suddenly burst into flames. It shouldn't have been possible, but it was! We praised the Lord and thanked Him for being part of our picnic. My kids really enjoyed roasting those marshmallows in that fire! They knew that this was made possible by the one and only Saviour of the world, their true friend.

My friend, are you facing impossibilities? Have you tried over and over again to solve some impossible dilemma, only to face more rejection and frustrations? You may be facing an estranged spouse or maybe a financial disaster or even a disastrous disease. My friend your efforts will only dig you deeper into your despair.

Should you give up and walk away? Absolutely not! You would miss a fabulous, miraculous blessing that can come only from your faithful friend Jesus Christ. Come to Him and share your burden with Him. He will give you rest. Only stand back and watch Him come through for you. Believe in Him. He is faithful!

Matt 11:28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

A picture of our fire provided by the Lord

Rob Chaffart

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