The Unreliable Shower

Matt 7:16 "By their fruit you will recognize them."

Last weekend we went camping near a gorgeous lake. We had a lovely time, but after two days of beach and lake water, a shower was definitely in order. This desire intensified when the weather cooled off 30 degrees during the night and I awoke feeling like an icicle! I was so cold, in fact, that I didn't want to get out of bed. But since my back decided it was tired of being there, I reluctantly got up. And if I thought I had been cold IN bed, I was even colder now!

This is when my wife reminded me again of my resolve to take a shower, and when, in reference to the campground showers, she mentioned the word "hot", I was on my way! Straight out into Siberia. Or at least that's what it felt like!

As I approached the shower stalls, one of the camp staff was busily cleaning stall #2. I decided that stall #3 would be the perfect one for me, but when I opened its door, I heard a voice behind me: "Sir, why don't you take the first shower instead? I just cleaned it!"

Well, why not? When given the choice, I generally prefer using a spick and span shower!

To my dismay, the shower didn't have a tap. Instead, it had an electronic eye, which detects if someone is in front of the shower. I didn't worry. My family had reassured me that the showers were "hot". The water temperature MUST be regulated by the electronic eye! Or so I thought. I stepped in and put my hand over the "eye". As anticipated, the water poured forth, but to my horror it was ice-cold!

"It must take a few minutes to warm up", I thought and so I continued to hold my hand over the electronic eye. However, after 30 seconds, the shower stopped! Now what??? I waved my hand over the eye again, and again, ice-cold water poured forth. But only for thirty seconds. Again and again I played the game; but always with the same results.

"I guess I won't have that warm shower after all!" I grumbled. Since I was wet anyway, I went ahead a took my shower. But the results were far from desirable. The icicle turned into a living ice block! At least we wouldn't need a freezer any longer!

As I reflected on that shower later, I thought about how un "shower-like" it had been. Showers are supposed to send forth a never-ending flow of water. Warm water! Instead, I received 30 seconds of cold water at a time. What a disappointing experience! Yet how often do we, as Christians, function the same way? Didn't Jesus say: John 7:38 "Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water (hot! [I had to add this!]) will flow from within him." However, often the water we deliver is but an icy trickle, and those who come to us for guidance are disappointed.

How do we react when in the midst of trials? Do we always react out of faith for the glory of God? When someone is hurting, do we always make ourselves available to help? When in the midst of difficulties, do we prefer to walk away instead of giving it all to God? When in disagreement with our church, do we switch churches, as if the former church was a dirty shirt?

What kind of water are we producing? Is it attractive to unbelievers? Is it desirable to drink? Is it constantly the "living water" produced by Jesus Christ? Are we "Christians" (meaning followers of Christ) only in good times, but not in bad?

What kind of water are you producing?

Rob Chaffart

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