Window of Connection

As I was going to sleep, or maybe I was asleep, I heard a voice. It may not have been audible, but the voice spoke to me, as plain as could be. It spoke to me " When you open the door to let My light and love come in, you must learn all you can about me, you must commune with me, also you must get to know my will. When you do this, the window of connection is opened. Only then, can my love and light shines freely through you to others, so that the people around you, can see ‘me‘.

If A person does not try to take time to know me, how can they tell others about me or show them, Jesus? Going to church only on Sundays, is not going to do this. It takes study, You must, study, by getting into my Word, where you can truly learn of me. When you do this, It is only then, that you can share my love with other people, because that is when, my ‘light’ will shine forth brightly. My spirit becomes alive, in you."

I awoke, realizing just how true and right this message from the Lord is. Right now, far too many people, have only asked Jesus to come not their heart, then never seem to ‘grow’ in Him.

How hard it is to show Jesus to others, when a person does not personally know Him their selves. This message was so powerful, I feel It was also, for the many churches, who now teach of the Lord. Many churches of this day and age, seem too passive and almost dead. When it comes to actually teaching of our Lord. Think how ‘on fire’ one could be, if and when they really get to know God's precious Son, I mean really know HIM.

It was then; I found myself in a huge field that was filled with many wild flowers. Jesus asked me, “What do you see?” I reply, “I see flowers.”

“No, open your eyes and see.” He instructed,

I hesitate, for all I could think to say is ,”I see wild flowers everywhere.”

In a soft correcting voice He spoke, “This is God’s beauty that; He has ‘given’ to you, His Children, you need to appreciate the wonder of His creation by spending more time in it.” Then inside I knew that I was so guilty of sitting in front of the television for too many hours, spending too much time on the computer , I realized this as I looked at the wonder all about me, How could I have been so blind? As to not take the time to appreciate the beauty that My Lord had created all about and had given it to you and me to enjoy.

.Suddenly I was in a room filled with really disgusting looking individuals. I wrinkled my nose, but did not say a word. He said, “You are to love the unlovable. As I have always loved you.” Then I looked at the ones in the room and thought to myself, yes, Jesus truly loves me and I was once so unlovable. I hang my head in shame.

Then I was standing inside of a big auditorium There was a man standing on the stage and the people were all in awe of this man., He spoke to me, “You see this man, did He die for your sins.”

I said, “No Jesus, you died for me!.”

He then asked me, “Then, why does man worship him?”

I had no answer for Him..

All through this dreamy vision, I felt an overpowering love that felt so real, strong and so powerful. A love that is very hard to describe to anyone. Even to this day, there was such a warm peace and such love. When I awoke all I could say was, “Thank You, Jesus….”

Sharon Niese

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