Wiper Fluid Lies and Other Abominations

"Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight." - Proverbs 12:22

Lies will ALWAYS come back to haunt you...

Consider a few years ago when my wife and I were on vacation. The battery on her car went bad, so we had to replace it.

When we bought the new battery, we found that we had purchased a slightly different battery than was previously used. Rather than take the time to exchange the battery, we went ahead and used it despite the difference.

Because the battery was different, we had to remove the container that stores the windshield wiper fluid. It was almost empty anyway, so it didn't matter much at the time. We put the container in the trunk of my wife's car and forgot all about it...

...until we took her car in to have the oil change several weeks later. Now, here's where things get interesting...

We pulled into the "10 minute Fast Lube" and exited our car, leaving the attendants to change our oil and check all of the fluids. (I.E. Transmission fluid, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid, etc.) As we looked out the window of their lobby, I could see the attendants searching frantically for the windshield wiper fluid container. (which was still in the trunk of the car!) One man motioned for another to join him and they both looked for the container.

After involving several different attendants, they gave up looking for it, wrote something on their invoice and closed the hood of her car.

The oil change was over...

...but the fun was just beginning.

I paid for the oil change and looked down at the invoice which denoted the various checks made to her vehicle. The box next to "Filled Windshield Wiper Fluid" was checked. "What?!" I thought to myself. "They have checked off that they filled the windshield wiper fluid. That's impossible!"

It was also a lie.

Well, I couldn't help but have a little fun with them in exposing their deceit. As we walked to our car I said aloud to the group of men gathered around...

"Guys, I noticed we were about empty of windshield wiper fluid before we came in. You did fill it up for us, didn't you?"

You should have seen their faces! They hemmed and hawed around, shifting from one foot to the other and kind of murmured a little. Then, I started laughing and they knew I was pulling their leg...

...but, they also got the point. They had been caught in a lie.

My friend, lies will ALWAYS come back to haunt you.

Whether it is a bold face deceit or a "little white lie" it is poison in a Christian's mouth. Doesn't matter if you label it "exaggeration" or "telling the truth, but not all of the truth" or "implying but not really saying" - it destroys the integrity and testimony of believers and dishonors the Lord Jesus Christ.

And it's an abomination to God.

How faithful is your word? Do you speak "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth"? When you make a commitment, do others believe that you will keep it? When you make a statement, would others be willing to stand on it as truth?

Or, do you check the box, knowing you didn't fill the wiper fluid?

Oh yes, "Lying lips are abomination to the LORD." But, notice with me the end of that verse..."but they that deal truly are His delight."

Bring Him much delight today, Christian!

Jimmy D. Brown support@Living4Jesus.com

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