Underwater Basket-Weaving Class

Some years ago I heard a joke about a class that could be taken in college that was a "fluff' class. The joking reference was made that it would be like an "underwater basket-weaving class." Little did I know the truth of that reference! Do you know how baskets are made? The reeds are softened in water so that they become pliable, so they can be woven in and out among their "brother" reeds. The process of weaving these water-softened reeds in and out creates a basket that is then allowed to dry and assume strength. I think God wants to soak us in the water of His Word and the oil of His Spirit until we become flexible enough for Him to weave us together, so we can become a safe carrier of revival. (Notice that the carrier of revival is a we, not a me.)

Picture Moses floating on the Nile. A deliverer was born, but would he float long enough to "set his people free"? Only if there is a woven basket to protect him. Now let me ask this question: How many deliverers were born-and lost-over the last 2,000 years because there were no woven baskets of unity to carry them safely to their destiny? How many men like Moses and women like Mary or Deborah perished before their time with their gifts and calling untapped for lack of protective baskets? We must never refuse to bend to the Master's desire that we join with others-He wants us to be woven together into a basket trustworthy enough to save a deliverer.

Tenney, Tommy. God's Dream Team. Ventura, CA: Regal Books, 1999, p. 129-139.

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