We Can't Take the Feather with us

I was reading the daily story sent by the Answers2Prayer Ministry as quickly as possible because Robert was waiting for me to finish so we could go searing for a new car for him. Still, I had a desire to read him the story. Before I continue, you need to understand that reading, or speaking anything about the Lord is not something that is done around here if you want to keep peace and harmony around. The decision was made almost instantly. "Robert" I called out. "Can you come here a moment please" When he came in the computer room I motioned him to sit at his desk and listen to what I was going to read "Huh? - Hmmm" he said as he sat and rested his elbows on his desk waiting for me to start reading and "get this thing over with" ...

So I read him the story about the "The Ant and the Feather". Robert sat there quietly without making his normal moves of discontentment. Everything was going great, until I had to read the last paragraph, which mentions God and what His Word says. A quiet prayer asking the Lord to open his spiritual ears was all I needed to read without a quiver in my voice. "Wasn't it just for you" I said as we both got up and I went to hug him. Yeah, it was good, he said as he pecked my lips. The victory of the moment made me think; "What if I was to say a quick prayer before we drives away". Hmmm NOT..."

But while driving down County Line Road, we were laughing about something. Suddenly, I just put my hand on his shoulder and prayed (out loud) ... "God, bless my husband and help him to trust You and not be so nervous so he can make the right decisions" Amen ... Uh, Uh! ... I over did it! His demeanor changed and he wasn't laughing anymore -- I know he felt betrayed because I asked God to do something for him as I touched his body. You see, it is "The Law" in my house not to lay-hands on him for prayer. Ignoring the new mood, I continued laughing and making light of the moment -- Don't ask me what I said, but it worked.

Three miracles w/in a half hour!!!!! Isn't God is just totally awesome!! But He wasn't done yet :-)

As we left the first dealer, he said he mentioned he was now going to look for used car make I really didn't think was a wise decision. "No Lord, he forgot that Warranties are important to him, and I don't like those cars!!!!" I screamed in my thoughts--- The salesman showed us a couple of used cars, they were really nice, but somehow I wasn't satisfied, and Robert was going to test drive one of them ... I kept quiet during the whole thing and let him answers all the questions the dealer was asking - normally I have something to say. Not yesterday, I just smiled and let him do his own answering. He was pleased :-). But the dealer at one point looked at me and said "Do you have any questions" Yes" I said. How about the Suzuki's; what's the deal with them". He took us back to the showroom and showed us a beautiful green Suzuki Forrenza ... We asked more questions and he took us across the street to test drive one.

"Let's get two" I said in the excitement of the moment.. "Let's" he said ... "We can't take the feather with us" ... Huh? I turned to say... The story you read this morning was about "not worrying about things", and how "we can't take it with us" right? I am always worrying and saving money for our retirement. But we have some, and you need a new car too -- I don't like the way yours is driving lately. Besides, I feel guilty getting a new car and your still driving your old car"

So, we got two brand new 2004 Suzuki Forrenza's ... I drove away with the green in the showroom, he with the tan. They are pretty new cars on the market, and there's not much information on them yet, which scares me, but Robert was set to get them. I did say let's go look at other dealers, but he said "Those other dealers only have a 3 year warranty Nan, I want more than that, which Suzuki offers --- there not the ones you don't think are good cars remember?. Didn't you say in the car "Make The Right Decision"? Wow, my husband heard and received my prayer in the car! "Yes I did" I said as I quietly thanked the Lord for the loving way he touched and changed my husband's fear into victory.

I came home and checked car reports on the Internet. My blood ran cold as I read the horrible road gas mileage ...My little old car was great on gas!!! I wanted to cry!. But the Lord quickly reminded me that He had planned this, and I am to trust Him no matter what. As I went back to the cars, I noticed the sticker on the side of my car does have 26 mpg for City and 30 mpg for H'way.

Our new cars don't have all the goodies I would have liked, but they do have the ones I need ... Automatic, A/C, PB, PS, Pwindows, the Warranty my husband wanted to begin with, plus AM/FM radio w/cassette and a CD Player for me to worship the Lord. Best of all, my husband is proud he made the right decision, and bought us two new cars without fear... :-).

Robert still can't believe what happened to him. Of course he remembers that up to the very last minute, he was not too thrilled about getting “one” car, let alone "TWO". And he will always remember the "Ant and the Feather"

I know You are speaking to my husband Lord, and someday soon we will worship and serve Christ together. Thank You for Answers2Prayer ministry. Please, Lord, Bless Rob and Lyn and increase their territory for Your Kingdom's sake.

As for me, I continue to say in Faith; "And as for me and my house, "We will trust the Lord" --- Amen!

Nancy Reindl reindln@optonline.net

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