Aware of our Father's Love. A Study Through the 7 Churches of Revelation. How Does a Caring Church Look Like?

Blind Spots

Can I Cook Bread with that Rock Flour?

Clean Outside and In

A Cross Just for You! Sweet Sacrifice, Part 3

Don't Do Anything But Love. Kingdom of Power, Part 18


Honey, We have Special Guests. Majestic Mountain View Series, Part 28

Hope is Not Beyond Our Grasp. Why do I Go to Church?

How do you Build a Better World?

In the Shelter of the Dikes. Only in Jesus, Part 11

It will Leave you in Awe

I Want to be a Star. The Question About Love, Part 1

Just “Do It”

Let Your Light Shine. The Question about Love, Conclusion

A Little Leaven Goes A Long Way

No Name. The Question of love, part 9

No Worries?

On the Crossroad to Oblivion. Only in Jesus, Part 10

On our Way to the Top. Alive Series, Part 7

Racing Across the Frozen Lake: Digging Deeper into Victory Series, Part 4

The Real Cost of Love. Question About Love, Part 5

The Story Behind Opo: Awake Series, Part 26

Three-Way Love. The Question about Love, part 8

The Very Least You Can Do

Walking on Breaking Ice. Question About Love, Part 7

A Way Paved to Hell. Seeds to Life, Part 5

What About Love?

What's God Ever Done for ME?

When Actions Speak Louder than Our Words: Holding On, Part 2

When Sightseeing is not Advised: Crash, Boom, Bang...

Will it Make a Difference? Nairobi Here I come! Part 4

You are a Witness to All Men

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