10.1 Earthquake in Canada. Nairobi Here I come! Part 1

Advice from Experts. Flying Like an Eagle, Part 3

An Angelís Attitude

Answering God's Call

Are We Following The Right Light?

Are You Disappointed God?


The Attractive One-Way Road: Is it Leading anywhere?

The autopilot

B-1 with Apple, Please

Being Wrong


The Best Snowman Ever!

Be Strong, Be Obedient

Bitter Or Better?

The Blessed War. Broken for Revival, Conclusion

Bring Forth Life! Facing Unimaginable Odds. Part 21

Building a Fabulous Sandcastle Part 1 Time Together

The Burdens of Life. Alive Series, 24

Call of the Barn Yard

Can I Cook Bread with that Rock Flour?

The Car

Cast away

A Choice


The Choice we Face. A Kingdom of Power, Part 2




Choice Street

Choose It!

Circles of Life

A Clear Conscience

Climbing Mt. Washington. Mountain Top Experiences, Part 4

A Coach's Choice

Daisy Grows With the Weed

Darkness Swallowed by Light! Majestic Mountain View Series, Part 17

The Deception

Destination, Please?

Destined to Sprout: Awake Series, Part 10


Diabetes And Me

The Dilemma. Faithful to the Cause of Christmas, Part 4

Dinner is on Me. It Really Is!!!

Diving into a Spring-Fed Pool. Brrrrr! Can we go back?

Dog on a Foot

The Dream

The Echo

Edwin Thomas

An Empty Shell

Enjoy the Ride

Even the Little Stuff Ö God Guides, Part1

Facing Complete Destruction. When Suffering Knocks on Our Door, Part 8

The Farthest Country

Fire Away

Flamingo Parade. Control Freaks' Senility, Part 12

The Foolishness of Men

Fresh Coconuts

Gently Directing

Giving Him the Key

Giving in to God

God's Open Door

God's Open Door Policy

Golf Lesson

A Good Idea At The Time

Grenada or Granada?

The Handle is on the Other Side

Hard Rock Ice-Cream Cafť

Hatred Turned into Love. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (8:5-6)

Help me Get off this Roller Coaster!

Help! My Toys are Devouring Me!

He Makes Me Laugh

Her Last Prayer

Hilarious Living. You of Little Faith, Part 9

His Mysterious Ways

A Home Far Away From Home. Seeds to Life, Conclusion

How and When are we Restored? Grace from the Book of Romans (8:29b-30)

How do I Know If I am Making the Right Decision?

Hungering for God. Only in Jesus, Part 14a

Hungering for God. Only in Jesus, Part 14b

A Hunger from Above. Kingdom of Power, Conclusion

I am Thirsty! Seeds to Life, Part 4

I Choose To Laugh

Iíd Rather Be A Servant

If Only

Imperceptibly Turning

The Inner Tube Ride


It is going to be One of Those Days

It is the Lord You are Serving

It is Who We are!

It'll Curl Your Hair

It's about...

Jump for a Price

Keep Singing  

Kelly's Choice

Knock, Knock. . . Who's There?

Ladybug Invasion

The Lamb and the Bear

The Lamb of Mary

The Land of No Return: The Heart of the Matter, Part 6 (Satan at Work)

Let's Blow Paris! Not in my Lifetime! La Vie en Rose, Part 2

Life's Priorities Heading into a Catastrophe! Majestic Mountain View Series, Part 32

To Cross a Suspension Bridge or a Desert: What would YOU choose?

Let me Carry Your Camera Bag! Seeds to Life, Part 1

Life's Best Choices

Living Holy and Godly Lives

Living Under a Rock!

Looking for Moose in all the Wrong Places

Making a Choice

Making Choices

Making Ourselves Available

Management Consultants

The Miracle of Change

Mixing Light with Darkness. A Study Through the 7 Churches of Revelation

My Overwhelming Junk Yard . . . I Need a Revolution! Stuck in Rochester and Loving It, Part 4

Name Your King

No One Will Know! Seeds to Life, Part 6

No Regrets

Objective: Destruction-Temptation's REAL Purpose! Filling the Void, Part 10: Conclusion

Once Upon A Time

The One in Control. Seeds to Life, Part 9

One Potato, Two

On the shores of life

The Opposition. Hope in the Distance, Part 15

The Option

Our Master's Voice

Our Self-Imposed Tasks

The Outlook of Your Life

Out of the Rut

Out of This World!

Perspectives On Fate

Please Stay on the Path

The Power of Choice. Do I have a Say in this?



Priorities in Light of Eternity


Pursuing God Solely for His Blessings

Rapidly Drowning Under Pressure: Christmas Under Fire, Part 1

Reflection in the Mirror

Rejecting Godís Help

Relinquishing Control, Part i. BRINGING UP KIDS GOD'S WAY, Part 9. What About Control? Part b

Relinquishing Control, Part ii. Bringing up Kids God's Way, Part 9 What About Control? Part b

Remember the Scars

The Renovation Sale

The Right Side

The Right Thing

The Rose

Rowing, Rowing and Rowing


The Run-Around Dog

Running Ahead of God

Rush on Kapuzinerberg. Seeds to Life, Part 3

Safety deposit

The Search for Victory: How to Overcome Temptation. Filling the Void, Appendix

Second Chances


Set it Aside for Something Better

Set Your Own Agenda

Simple Not Easy

Sliding into Third Base

The Slum Lord. Nairobi Here I come! Part 2

Snorkelling in my Underwear? Disgusting! The Problem with Pain, Part 1


Spinning Out of Control. When Temptation Looms, Appendix

Standing on Dry Ground. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 11

The Stone Snare. The Problem with Pain, Part 4


Stop the Car! I'm Dizzy! Alcan, Part 3

The Story of the Foolish Young Man!

Surrounded by Fog. Seeds to Life, Part 8

Surviving a Storm

Swimming Unadvised

Tackling Life's Trials

Through a Wringer

To be Remembered

To end the darkness...

The Toughest Things

The Track

Turn Us Loose

Two Elderly Sisters

Unwanted Rag Dolls

The Urge. Hell Tactics, Part 7

Useless Maps. Seeds to Life, Part 7

View on the Parking Lot

Waging with Aging

Walt Disney

A Way Paved to Hell. Seeds to Life, Part 5

The Way to Hohensalzburg. The Seeds to Life, Part 2

The Wheatfield. Alive Series, Part 21

What about Bob?

What Kind of Day Shall I Choose Today?

What's God Ever Done for ME?

What Size is God?

What to Do With It

When Itís Time

When Right Seems Wrong and Wrong Seems Right. When Temptation Looms, Part 3

When the Earth Moves

When Water Sinks. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (2:11)

When Your Room Door Stares at Your Face. Sweet Sacrifice, Part 5

Where's the River if it Doesn't Rain?

Who Put the Skunk in the Trunk?

Who Wants a Dollar?


Will it Make a Difference? Nairobi Here I come! Part 4

Will you be There for me? The Heart of the Matter, Part 11 (Our Response)

Worshipping God with Diapers and Dustpans

Worshipping Only God

Worthy are the Unworthy in God's Eyes. Hindrances to Prayer, Part 6

Wrestled -- Giving Up, In, and Over

You Donít Have to Be a Tree

Your Choice

You have Wasted Half of your Life

You Hear What You are Trained to Hear

You Need a Pothole? The Heart of the Matter, Part 13 (Our Response)

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