Abounding Love. Why I am a Christian, Intro

Ain't dat de Truth! Real Living, Part 1

Are you Sure you Want a Room? Nothing Works Here!

Aware of our Father's Love. A Study Through the 7 Churches of Revelation. How Does a Caring Church Look Like?

Beauty Tips

Beyond Any Doubt. Why I am a Christian, Part 7

The Building

Burnt-Out...To a Crisp! Why I am a Christian, part 5

By Their Fruits

The Case of the Creator. Why I am a Christian, part 13

The Christian's Declaration of Independence

Climb Higher

The Conscience Dilemma. Why I am a Christian, part 6

The Cost of Perfection. Real Living, Part 2

Crash of Flight 1420

A Cry from the Heart of God

Diving into a Spring-Fed Pool. Brrrrr! Can we go back?

The Evidence of the Resurrection.  Why I am a Christian, part 23

The Face

Feral Children on the loose. Why I am a Christian, part 23

Finding God while Trying to Disprove God. Why I am a Christian, part 22

Forgiven Much Equals Love Much

The Galloping Horse


God's Wife

Guilty as Charged

The Healing Touch From our Father. Why I am a Christian, part 18

Hope to the Hopeless. Why I am a Christian, part 11

How Did We Get Here?

How Do I Look?

Hungering for Directions. Why I am a Christian, part 2


I do not believe in the things that I cannot see! Why I am a Christian, part 12

I'd Rather See a Christian

I Forgive! Majestic Mountain View Series, Part 21

It is Who We are!

It's All About Love, not Selfishness! Why I am a Christian, part 8

It's Mine! No it's Not! The Heart of the Matter, Part 10 (Our Response)

It Takes Courage

I Want to See Jesus in Me

Jesus Standing Outside

Kicking Against the Goads. Why I am a Christian, part 20

The Land of the Plentiful and the Forgetful

The Least of These

Like a Pumpkin

Living our God-Created Identity. Majestic Mountain View Series, Part 22

The Lonely American

Looking Like a Christian

Love Letters From Up High. Why I am a Christian, Part 23

Loving Your Enemies

Me First

Mrs. Waterford

My Hardest Test. Why I am a Christian, part 21

My Teacher is a Christian! Reaching the Workplace 1

The Name we Wear

Never Alone Again! Why I am a Christian, part 19

Never Ever Alone! Why I am a Christian, part 4

One Dream, Many Prophecies. Why I am a Christian, part 17

Out of Order

Out of Reach. Forgiven, Part 6

Out of Step

The Parable of the Pencil

Peace Amidst Troubles. Why I am a Christian, part 3

The Phalanx Formation. The Question about Love, Part 6

Practice What You Preach

Proofs of the Resurrected One. Why I am a Christian, part 16

Reaching Outside the Bounds: Expect Your Miracle!

The Real Christmas Day. Christmas Jubilation, part 5

The Real Stuff. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (Rom 6:1-2)

The Real Thing

Recognizing Them by Their Fruit

Revealing The ‘Concealed’ Jesus

The Rich Pastor

The Ride

Round Stone

Royal Descendance

She Loves Jesus

Showing Through


Soaring With Eagles

Spare Me, Lord

Spring Blooms

Take the Apron Off


A Therapeutic Flight

They Missed Him

To be or not to be a Geyser (Christian)

The Ugly Grizzly. Alive Series, Part 6

The Unreliable Shower


Walking In The Shadow Of The Cross

The Way We Look

The Wealthiest Individuals in the World

What Would Your Neighbor Say about You?

The Wheat Continues

When I Say I Am a Christian

When Jesus Looks Upon My Life

When Unity has Become an Unknown. Jesus Deepest Desires, Conclusion

Where's the Snow?


Wishing to be Baptized

The World it is a Changin'

The Wrong Kind of Christian

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