Ain't dat de Truth! Real Living, Part 1

Alan Rashid

Amy's Way to see things

Angel in Disguise

Another Memory of Growing Up In Missouri

Are you Ready?

The Artist

Barbaric Bastille. La Vie en Rose, Series part 1

The Beautiful White Horse

Being on the Wrong Side

A Book by it's Cover

By Their Fruits

The Cast Iron Wringer

Changing Adam

Christmas Kettles

Click, Click, Click

The Cockroaches

Color Me Christian


The Cookie Thief

Crazy Betty

The Critical Deception

The Difference

Do You Remember Dandelions?

The Dream

Dreamed of Heaven

Driving Me Crazy

Encourage or Discourage

The Examination

Exotic Behaviors from Our-of-the Way Neighbors

The Expressive Plant


Flakes of Mica

The Flying Umbrella. Hell Tactics, Part 8

Following in the footsteps of our Father's Spirit. Part C. A Study Through the 7 Churches of Revelation. How Can we avoid complacency?

Get Out or we will Shoot!

God's Innocence Project

God Speed

Good Cooks

Greed's Grace. The Ruthless Pursuit of Gold, Part 5

Grumblers and Faultfinders

Head-on Collision with Grace. The Forgotten Message, Part 9

He Will Pay Back Trouble

Here in a Flash

Hoeing While Sitting

Hogs and Hypocrites

Hormonal Weather

How Can I Learn to Love Others like Jesus does? When Lives are At Stake

Idols for Judgment

If the World Were Blind

I'm a Skunk

It's Coming!

I Used to be Pretty

I Will Do it For You. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (2:1)

I Wish I had been a Drug Dealer

Just Touch the Moon by Virtue of a Jump

Just Touch the Moon by Virtue of a Jump

The Last Laugh

The Long haired worshipper

Music Memories

My Muddy Shoes

My quilt

A Kind Interruption

The Lassie Dog

Lord Is It I?

Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self

A Message to the Disillusioned. The Helpless Heroes and the Vindictive Prideful, Part 6

The Most Misunderstood Individual. The Helpless Heroes and the Vindictive Prideful, Conclusion

Mount Vesuvius


The Name we Wear

Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

No Accusations. The Helpless Heroes and the Vindictive Prideful, Part 12

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

A Not Very Nice Lady

The Old Fisherman

The Outcast: Victory Series, Part 52

Out of Reach. Forgiven, Part 6

Overzealous Deception. Addictive Lovers of our Life, Part 7

The Painter's Mistakes!

The Parable of the River


Passport? Passport! Why do I Need One?


Piles of Junk

Prepare for Tomorrow

Raising My Sights


Saved by a Lawyer

Seagull Fishing

A Short Walk

Smelling Drugs

Snow Covered License Plates. Watch Out for the Beam!

Some Things Last Less than Others: Awake Series, Part 3

Stringing Along

Surely I Can't Look That Old


Ten Witnesses

That's Not My Style

These People with Long Hair

The Ticket Giver. Majestic Mountain View, part 4



A Trip Across The States

Truly, there are no more condemnation! Grace from the Book of Romans (8:34)

The Ulcer

The Voice of a Child


Waiting at the Bus Depot

A Waspy Sort of Thing

Were you Watching me?

When Flowers are More Advisable than Specks of Sawdust. When Temptation Looms, Part 8

When Peace Like a River (Can I Ever Forgive Myself?)

When True Colors Show Up. Kingdom of Power, Part 13

Who Broke my Roof! Do we Truly Believe? Part 6

Who's Responsible for Conviction.

Why are There Conflicts Between Other Denominations and Religions

Woodcutter's Wisdom

A World Of Difference

The Worst/Best Moment Of My Life

Wrong First Impressions

The Wrong Kind of Christian

You Got Another One, Joey

The Young Satanist in Art School


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