Divine Love


Abounding Love. Why I am a Christian, Intro

The Answer

Are you Not Wanted?

Backing Out With a Long Bang

Because God Loves You

Bends in the Road

Be Who You Are. Reaching the Workplace, Part 2

Beyond Any Doubt. Why I am a Christian, Part 7

The Bird Cage

Braving the Fog. Rivers of Faith, Part 9

Brotherly Love


Candy Shelves

Can You Hear Me? Devotions from the Psalms (27:7-8)

Changed By His Love

The Children of the Most High. Dragon Tramps or Kingdom Heirs, Conclusion

A City of Refuge. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (3:31)

Clean Blood

The Cost of Perfection. Real Living, Part 2

Dad's Presence Through Our Life. Dragon Tramps or Kingdom Heirs, Part 17

The Daylight and the Dark Night

Does God Care?

Do I love God the same way He loves me? Addictive Lovers of Life, Part 2

The Dragon-Slayer

Dying For Someone Else

Dying to See You! Only in Jesus, Part 13

Enabled to Keep God's Commandments

The Father's Heart. Dragon Tramps or Kingdom Heirs, Part 4

The Father's Heart 2. Dragon Tramps or Kingdom Heirs, Part 5

The Father's Heart 3. Dragon Tramps or Kingdom Heirs, Part 6

The Field Mouse

Filled with Love. Experiencing our Heavenly Father, Part 2

The first thing I did

Flowers for Shai

Follow the Lead. Forgiven, Part 5


For His Enemies

From Riches to Rags

God Has A Lap

God Knocking at my Door

The Greatest Sacrifice

Happy Father's Day God!

Head-on Collision with Grace. The Forgotten Message, Part 9

Heaven Scent

He Became a Man For Us

He's My Brother

The Hidden Ridgeway Battlefield. Majestic Mountain View Series, Part 35

Hormonal Weather

A Hug to Freedom. Majestic Mountain View Series, Part 26

I Believe In God

I Don't Remember! Amidst Tribulation: Jubilation, Part 5

I Esteem you Better than Myself

If God...

Invite Him Over

The Invitation

I Remember! Addictive Lovers of our Life, Part 4b

It's All About Love, not Selfishness! Why I am a Christian, part 8

I Want to be a Star. The Question About Love, Part 1

I Will Show You the Way. Grace from the Book of Romans (8:38-39)

Jesus Holds Us


Jesus loves me!

John 3-16

Just Like a Dog

Kindness of the Lord

The Least of These

Lost in the Pacific Undersea Gardens

Lost on the Train Track. Only in Jesus, Part 21

The Love Of God

The Master's Hand

A Miracle in Time. Forgiven, Part 2

My Child Whom I love

My God is Biggest

My Name

Never to be Forgotten! Little Light of Mine, Part 8

No One loves me

The North Star

Nothing can Separate us from our Heavenly Father. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (8: 35 -37)

The Stuck Spare Tire Post. Majestic Mountain View, Part 41

One to Another

The Painting

Papaw, Don't "Left" Me!!!

The Personal Touch. Our Lost Notion of the Real Christmas, part 1

The Play

The Real Hero. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (5:6-8)

Rejected for no Reason at All! The Word Coming Alive Series, Part 4

Revealing The ‘Concealed’ Jesus

The Rusty Nail

The Seattle Special Olympics

Seeds of Love

Selfless Sacrifice

A Single Drop of Water: Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (1:16-17)

The Smiling Cloud. Majestic Mountain View, part 3

Standing at the Doors of Hell. Kingdom of Power, Part 15

The Star in the Window

Sweet-Smelling Peanut Butter Sandwich. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (4:23-25)

The Three Options. The Question About Love, Part 3

Through the Pea-Soup

True Ironman


Unforeseen Fruit

An Unusual Runaway

We Are Brothers After All. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (5:20-21)

What do you Have to Declare? A Year's Worth of Provisions?

What Must I Do to be Saved? (Acts 16:30)

When Presents that look like Nuclear Devices Explode on You!

What Really Matters After All

Where's My Luggage? Forgiven, Part 4

Where Were You When My Son Died?

Who Do You See in the Mirror? Awake Series, Part 18

Why would God Not Want to Heal You? The Witness, Part 4

Will You Be My Friend? Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (5:5b)

Will You Come Home and Dance With Your Poppa Again?

Wishes Do Come True

Words of Wisdom

You are Not Alone! Jesus' Deepest Desires, Part 15

Your Advocate

Your Father Left This Message

You wouldn't Understand: Awake Series, Part 14

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