Adventures in Winter Driving, Part 1: Did You Hit My Tree?

Adventures in Winter Driving, Part 2: Help My Own Way!

Answered Prayer

Are we Truly Listening?

Are You Waiting to be Called?

Awaiting Further Instructions

The "Babelkouse". Filling the Void, Part 4

Backseat Instructions

Bad News

Be Still

But it's too Late! They are Already Terrible Teens! Bringing up Kids God's Way, Part 14

Camp Stories

Can You Hear Me? Devotions from the Psalms (27:7-8)

The Dare

Dare God to Speak

Don't Step on me! The Slimy, Slivering, Beady-Eyed, Forked-Tongued Serpent, Part 2

Everybody has a Story. Please Tell me One! Stuck in Rochester and Loving It, Part 1

Fair Weather Friend

The Forgotten

God Gives The Gift Of Sound

God Has A Lap

Going to the Other Side. Rivers of Faith, Part 15. Faith Tumblers: Relying on Human Wisdom.

Go Sit with the Prayer Band

Hearing God

Hearing God

Hearing His Voice: Awake Series, Part 15

Hearing the Horn


The Importance of Good Communication. Bringing up Kid's God's Way, Part 6. The Relationship, Part c

In the Stillness of a Sunset. How Can I Best Experience God in my life?

Is Anybody Listening?

Is Anyone Listening?

I Thought He Was Talking To You

The Cricket

Hearing the Lord

His Voice

I Murdered My Grandmother

Is anybody listening?

Joyful Confirmation

Learn to Listen

Let me Carry Your Camera Bag! Seeds to Life, Part 1

Let us Go for a Walk. Why Canít I Hear God? Part 1

Linnie Lessons

Listen!!! Bringing up Kid's God's Way, Part 6. The Relationship, Part B: Stop, Look and Listen, Part iii


Listening to That Small Voice

Lord, Help Us To Stop, Listen, And Obey

The Lost Art of Conversation

Lost in Toronto. Why Can't I Hear God? Conclusion

The Middle. God Speaks, Part 2

Move My Puppies!!!

Music of Another Life

Eyes On Me

Nailing Down Obedience

The New Language

Next Door Please! Digging Deeper into Victory Series, Part 6

Ready For His Service

Roasting a Bishop. Marriage Bliss, 5

The Small Still Voice

Someone To Talk To

Something in Your Eyes

Stand Here Awhile

Stressing the Positive--A Real-Life Example. Bringing up Kids God's Way, Part 7b

Thanks for listening!

These People with Long Hair

A Time To Be Silent

Understanding What God Says

The Unwanted Visitor

The Voice

Voyage to the Moon. Why Canít I Hear God? Part 2

Wait and Listen! Restful Repose, Part 6

Wafers For Sale

The Wagging Finger Addiction

Waltz In

We will be Blessed

When Will We Listen?

White Noise

Who do you REALLY Trust?

Who Listens?

Whose Sheep are You?

Why Can't I Hear?

Why Is He Recalculating?

Worthwhile Stuff

You're a Good Boy!

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