Adversity on the Run! Majestic Mountain View, part 10

Another Ant Story


Are you not stronger than a blade of grass?

As Good as Dead. A Study Through the 7 Churches of Revelation.

Attaining the Summit

The Battle of the Curse. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 6

The Beans

Bearing Up

Black storm clouds

Blessed are Those Who Care. Awake Series, Part 25

The Burn That Never Hurt. Do we Truly Believe? Part 3

Charles Monroe "Sparky" Schultz

Cleaning the Toilets

Condemned to Death. Alive series, 28

Could We Do It?

Courage - Despite The Odds

Destined to Fly: Victory Series, Part 13

Don't Quit

Down, but not Done

Dreaming About Swimming in Aloe Vera. The Problem with Pain, Part 2

Facing Complete Destruction. When Suffering Knocks on Our Door, Part 8

Finding an Octavo. What Should we Do When God is Silent, Conclusion

Finish Well

Flailing & Failing


Focusing on our Destination. Marriage Bliss, Conclusion

Giving Up is So Easy! But is it Worth it?

Gotta Climb the Mountain

Hangin' On

Highway Troubles-Is it Worth the Drive? Alcan, Part 2

Howard's Beginning

How Does the Story End?

Hungering for God. Only in Jesus, Part 14a

Hungering for God. Only in Jesus, Part 14b

 Don't Understand

If at First You don't Succeed

I Keep Going

The Insisting, Persisting Request . . . Stop It! Important Elements of Prayer, part 2

In the Midst of All

In the Shelter of the Dikes. Only in Jesus, Part 11

I See the Horizon and it is Beautiful!

Is it Worth the Sacrifice?

John Toland

Keep Going

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kerri Strug

Like A Bee

Lord, Show me Your Truth. Radioactive Religion, Part 7

Lost And Found

Lost in Fog: Awake Series, Part 5

Love to the End

Making Those Obstacles Vanish

The Man with One Leg Climbed a Mountain

Making Sure we Win

The Marathon

Motivated Determination. La Vie en Rose, Part 14

My Last Tract

Never Give Up

Never Give Up. The Forgotten Message, Part 22

No Regrets

Not Giving Up

Nothing can keep us from receiving our miracle!

Nothing is Impossible to Those Who Persevere: Awake Series, Part 11

One Mile at a Time

The Parade

Patience is Better than Pride

The Pepsi Challenge

Persevere in God's Love

The Persistent Call of His name by Faith

Persistent In Prayer

A Pound of Honey

Prayer Works

Preparing to Win

Prevailing Prayer

The Prison Ministry

Puddle to Puddle

Ragamuffin. Hell Tactics, Conclusion

Reaching for the Clouds

Rush on Kapuzinerberg. Seeds to Life, Part 3

Same Old Problem

A Scottish Spiderman

Secure In Christ

Seeds of the Kingdom: How Long does it Take for Someone to Accept Jesus as the Christ?

Snares from Hell: Stuck on the Wrong Side of the Road. Fearless Victory Series, Part 6

Soaking it All in Without Paying a Penny

The Soldier Marathon Runners. Can I have Some French Fries Please?

SOS!!! Air and Ground Attacks

Sunflowers in the Garden

The Task

They Finally Listened

Thomas Edison's Failures

Those Who Brave the Elements: Awake Series, Part 2

Those Who Fall Away

The Toasting

To begin Again

A True Story of Faith, Love and Perseverance

Truly Forgiven! Facing Unimaginable Odds, Part 23b

Turtle-In-The-Middle-Of-The-Road Day

The Waiting Game

War Christmas

When God's Spirit Moves In. Alive Series, Part 8

When You've Been Throwed

The Whiner

Who Owns the Backyard?

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