Words of Praise


30 Hours Flying. The Heart of the Matter, Part 4 (God at Work)

Air from Above: Victory Series, Part 42

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away! Important Elements of Prayer, part 1

All The Angels Bow

Awe in the Sky. The Heart of the Matter part 1 (God at Work)

Batter up

A Case Of The Big Head

Christmas in the Basement part 2: When Dripping Walls Continue to Tumble

Croak, Son, Croak

The Cough

Destination: Home! Awake Series, Part 9

The Devastating Tornado

Empty handed leads to Fullness from God Part 1

Enduring Faithfulness

Faith Put to the Test

Flat Tires Can be a Blessing. Only in Jesus, Part 18

From Screams to Whispers. Kingdom Bound Experiences, Part 2

From White Knuckles to Praise

God Given Daisies

The High Tide Will Always Return! The Heart of the Matter, Part 26 (Praising)

Hope is Not Beyond Our Grasp. Why do I Go to Church?

Humble Grace

I Donít Need a Thing

If You Praise Him - He Will Speak!

In the Oven of My Tent: The Heart of the Matter, Part 8 (Our Response)

It's a Miracle that you are Still Alive! The Problem with Pain, Part 6

It's Mine! No it's Not! The Heart of the Matter, Part 10 (Our Response)

Joy In The Morning

The Land of No Return: The Heart of the Matter, Part 6 (Satan at Work)

Lip Service

Little Things Mean a Lot

The Lure: The Heart of the Matter, Part 7 (Satan at Work)

The Magnifier

Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord

The Miracle

Moving Air: The Heart of the Matter, Part 2 (God at Work)

Music from the Heart: Does a Praise and Worship Service Make any Impact in Heaven?

My Heartís Silent Song

No Ordinary Attraction: The Heart of the Matter, Part 18 (Praising)

One Song Can Make a Difference. Devotions from the Psalms (98:1)

The Power of a Song. Kingdom Bound Experiences, Part 1


Praise Openly Profess His Name

Praising God during the Tough Times

Praising in Pain

Praise Ö Regardless

Radical Worship, Rivers of Faith, Part 16: Faith Tumbler-Pleasing Others and Negativity

Remember to Praise the Lord

Unscrambling the Omelette

Saved Alone

Sing a Song

Singing Through Difficult Times

The Sweetest Name

This Way! What is Truth? Part 3

Too Many Rocks?

Those Annoying Nails: The Heart of the Matter, Part 19 (Praising)

Ta Prohm's Irony

The Umbilical Cord. The Heart of the Matter, Part 5 (God at Work)

View from the Floor: The Heart of the Matter, Part 25 (Praising)

View on the Parking Lot

Walking on Bombs Without Harm. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 10

What he Did With His Hardship

When Life is Like a Washing Machine. The Heart of the Matter, Part 24 (Praising)

When Noise Flies Directly in Your Ears: The Heart of the Matter, Part 9 (Our Response)

When Red Lights Seems to be Following You. Awake Series, Part 30

Where is the Button? The Heart of the Matter, Part 3 (God at Work)

Who Needs Seatbelts! Sweet Sacrifice, Part 1

Witnessing Through Music

Words of Praise

Worship at the Falls: The Heart of the Matter, Part 23 (Praising)

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