Ain't dat de Truth! Real Living, Part 1

Bring Forth Life! Facing Unimaginable Odds. Part 21

A Case Of The Big Head

The Chosen Vessel

Dipping for Jesus

The Dream

The Empty Boasters and the Hearty Greeters. The Helpless Heroes and the Vindictive Prideful, Intro

The Famous Football Coach

Fixed and Repaired Daily

Frozen in Sin

Getting the Big Head

Greg, The Bull


Heavenly Rejoicing

Heaven's Arithmetic

He's My Brother

Hilarious Odds. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 2

Humbling Versus Defending Ourselves

I am So Much Better Than You! Radioactive Religion, Part 5

It is Who We are!

Let God or Get Dragged

Look Out!

Lost in Lake Superior

Lyndon Johnson

My Crazy Run Into Geneva. Jesus' Deepest Desires, Part 14

My Dad the Hero. Kingdom of Power, Part 16

Next Door Please! Digging Deeper into Victory Series, Part 6

Nothing Can Stop Me. Only in Jesus, Part 4

The Not-So Good Message. A Study Through the 7 Churches of Revelation

On our Way to the Top. Alive Series, Part 7

Parental Pride

Planting Weeds


Pride in Preaching

Prime Pride. Radioactive Religion, Part 3

The Prison of Pride

Pyotr Vasyev

The Southern Menace. Hells Tactics, Part 6

Spare Me Lord

Swelled Heads

The sweet Song of the second Fiddle

Thy Will Not Mine

The Umbilical Cord. The Heart of the Matter, Part 5 (God at Work)

The Urge. Hell Tactics, Part 7

Welcome to Terror. Hell's Tactics, part 2

When Water Sinks. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (2:11)

The Wilderness Highway

Would you do Anything?

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