The Last Morsel

Miracles of Scholarships


4 Linnies 4 Sale

5 Swiss Francs

60,000 Baht

Adverse Opportunities: Christmas Under Fire, Part 2

Airline Policy

An Angel or a Good Samaritan?

All on a one-pound note?

Angels in the Midst: Honoring the Father's Will

The Attractive Encounter of our Tractor and the Ditch. Alive Series, Part 13

The Attractive Mud

The Barnyard

Being Treated Like Royalty. Majestic Mountain View, Part 36

Believing Involves Overcoming Evil with Good

Bigger Than All Our Questions

The Biggest Mathematical Miracle in the World

A Brand New Day

Bread, Water and Love

But Why? Rivers of Faith, Part 21: Doubtful Delusions b

Cancelled Flight

Can't Find it?  Why Not?

Can You Take a Shower in 4 Minutes? Rivers of Faith, Part 20: Doubtful Delusions

Carefree in the Hands of God

A Chicken Laid our Bibles

A Christmas Beyond Expectation

Christmas on the River

Cowering Amidst our Storms. Do we Truly Believe? Part 8

Crushed Crush. Hope in the Horizon, part 1

The Day Dad Missed His Ship

The Deal

The Defeat. Only in Jesus, Conclusion

The Doubters. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 12

The End from the Beginning. When Suffering Knocks on Our Door Conclusion

Enduring Hardship

An Extra Van

Failure Ahead! Not on God's Watch! Only in Jesus, Part 3

A Faith Lesson

Feeding A Thousand Sheep

Fifty Marks Short

The First Christian Contact in Yugoslavia

First Mortgage Payment

Flying Over Mud. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 9

Food, Clothing and Medicine . . . Why Should I Worry? Majestic Mountain View, Part 34

Food for the Hungry. The Witness Part 6

Food From Heaven. The Witness, Part 8

Forgiven Debts

The Forgotten Message. The forgotten Message, Part 15

A Friend of Your Neighbors

Frozen into Ineffectiveness. Facing Unimaginable Odds, part 13

GEORGE MULLER, Part 2 Walking in Faith

God and the Appliance Store

God's Grace

God's Grace and Provision

God's Provisions

The Greatest Thanksgiving

The Hand of God

Have Tea with us

A Heavenly Voice

Heavenly Work: Fear Factor, Part 6

He Gave me the Desires of my Heart

Hilarious Odds. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 2

His Grace is Sufficient

How Can I Turn Off This Leaky Faucet!

A Howling Storm

Hugs from Heaven

I didn't like your talk

I do not believe in the things that I cannot see! Why I am a Christian, part 12

I have No Money for my Shopping Cart! The Forgotten Message, Part 2

Is Jesus Enough? Three Questions you Need to Ask...

Is That All There Is?

The Impossible is Always Possible! Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 5

I must be a terrible person

In Need of a Home

In the Hollow of His Hand

It Only Takes One Word. The Forgotten Message, Part 14

It's a Miracle!

Just a Dream?


Kindness of the Lord

The Last Morsel

The Lazarus Effect

Leaving Room to the Real Provider. Am I in the Way? When Suffering Seems Unbearable, Part 8

The Lord is My Shepherd . . . But

Living Under a Rock!

Leftover Delight. Devotions from the Psalms (23:5 and 27:6)

Let's go Fishing! Messages from Peter part 2

Lori Poczekaj's Dad

Major and Minor

Making Those Obstacles Vanish

Miracle of Funding: There is ALWAYS Hope, Part 9

Miracles of Scholarships

The Missed Attraction

Mystery of the Rye

My Car: There is ALWAYS Hope! Part 27

My Empty Pockets. A Kingdom of Power, part 4

My Testimony

Nandy, God's Gift

The New Nurse

The New Year

Miracle of God's Provision

The Missing Ticket

No Money, No Food

The Older Couple

The One in Control. Seeds to Life, Part 9

Open Your Mouth and Say...

A Pair of Snow-white Doves

Peanut Butter and Crackers

Pearl of Wisdom

Prayer and Providence

The Prayer of a Righteous Man

The Promise

A Promise Fulfilled

The Property Next Door

Protected by Rocks. Devotions from the Psalms (23:5a)

Peace Amidst Turmoil. Only in Jesus, Part 20

Rest Amidst Stress. Restful Repose, Part 2

Right Man For The Time

Rock in a Hard Place

The Royal Way

Running on Fumes

The Rusty Nail


A Snow Angel, of Sorts

The Spare Tire Dilemma. The Word Coming Alive Series, Part 2

Standing on Dry Ground. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 11

Starting Over

The Stone Snare. The Problem with Pain, Part 4

The Storm Deflector

Stress Dissolved into Trust. Flying Like an Eagle, Part 8

Strange Inheritance

Stuck and Restuck Again! Hope in the Horizon, part 4

Stuck in the Dessert

Surrounded by God's Provisions. You of Little Faith, Part 1

There are Bears and there are BEARS

There is More Than Money

Today I was Reminded

Trapped in the Wilderness

Travel Worries. When Worrying about Worrying Pays Off!

A Trust Lesson

Uncertain Times. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 1

Unlimited Potential

Ultimate Rest: Cancer Experiences, Part 3

Visa for Yugoslavia

Waiting for the Lord

Walking on Bombs Without Harm. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 10

War, a Cathedral and 3 Stained Glass Windows

We are Truly the Sons of God

We Know How She Felt

What do you Want a Map so Badly for?

What Seems to be a Problem to You, Never Occurred to Me to be a Problem

When Anxiety Comes

When God Surprises Me

When the Impossible Becomes Possible. The "I" Series, Part 3

Where Angels Tread

Where I Found God

Where is my Hairbrush? Christmas Awe part 1

Why Did the Checkbook Cross the Road?

Why do we Worry? When Grace Came Down, Part 23

Why would God Do a Thing Like That?

The Worst Threat: Dust

Write Those Articles for Kracht Van Omhoog

The Yellow Chair/Purse

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