Wide Load


Alive at Jesus' Birth. Devotions from the Psalms (27:4)

Am I Truly in Control? Only in Jesus, Part 1

At Wit's End. Little Light of Mine, Intro

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. Nairobi, Here I Come, Part 16

Becoming a Minister

Being There

The Big Show

A Bird's View on Problems. What's up Mate?

The Bond. Alive Series, Part 5

Born for a Purpose

Can I have a Discount? What for?

Clubhouse Christian

The Cracked Pot

The Crack in my Heart. Majestic Mountain View, part 5

Created With Eternity in Mind: Fearless Victory Series, Part 1

Created With Purpose

Deep Sea Diving Terrors: The Heart of the Matter, Part 20 (Praising)

Diverted to His Will. Jesus' Deepest Desires, Part 12

Fixed and Repaired Daily

Danger in the Hanging Gardens of New York

Dead Elm Trees are Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down

The Disaster of the Ville du Havre

Don't Let your Kernels Remain Unpopped

Dried Up

The Drunkard With A New Purpose

Dying to See You! Only in Jesus, Part 13


The Galloping Horse

A Giant Fleece

The Gift of a Smile

The Goat Herder

God has a Plan

The Greatest Adventure of All

Haitian Happiness

A Heart After God. Majestic Mountain View Series, Part 24

The Hole. How Should I Fill it? Tabernacle Experiences, Part 5

How Did We Get Here?

Hungering for God. Only in Jesus, Part 14a

Hungering for God. Only in Jesus, Part 14b

In Desperate Search of Sandals

Insatiable Hunger for the Above. The Heart of the Matter, Conclusion


In the Right Hands

In the Shelter of the Dikes. Only in Jesus, Part 11

It Takes Time to put Together a Jagged Jigsaw Puzzle

Jim, Joe or John?

Just a Prayer Away

Leaving the Past for the Future. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (8:12-14)

Let's go Fishing! Messages from Peter part 2

The Life-Light. The Word Coming Alive Series, Part 3

Like a Hand in a Glove

Living to our Fullest Potential. The Helpless Heroes and the Vindictive Prideful, Part 5

Living with Purpose

Lost in Darkness. Little Light of Mine, Part 4

The Meaning of Life

The Missing Comma

No Matter What the Circumstances

No Coincidences: Victory Series, Part 25

No Extra Credit Needed

No More Bareness! The Witness, Part 12

No Name. The Question of love, part 9

Nothing to Stop Us, Part 2. Facing Unimaginable Odds. Part 24b

Oh What Love

One Minute Till Midnight

One who Plants a Garden

On the Crossroad to Oblivion. Only in Jesus, Part 10

On the Other Side of This World. A Kingdom of Power, Part 5

Our Time in the Sun

The Outcast. How Can we Become Complacent? Part B. A Study Through the 7 Churches of Revelation

Out of Order

The Perishing Passion Flower Plant

The Poem and its Poet

The Puzzle Of Life

Rain, Trees and Mud

The Rearview Mirror

Running on Empty

The Rush to the Bus. Only in Jesus, Part 9

The Search for Mission

The Selfless Teacher. How Can I Find Joy in my Work?

Sidetracked by Work. A Study Through the 7 Churches of Revelation

Skip The Good

Some Things Last Less than Others: Awake Series, Part 3

Surrendering to God

This is Not the End. P.S. Becoming Rich Without a Dime

A Tiny Offering. Awake Series, Part 16

To Die For

The Tornado Tree

The Void. Filling the Void, Part 2


We Were Meant to Shine: Victory Series, Part 35 (Temptation)

What Really Matters After All

Where Can I Turn?

Which Reality Seems More Real to you? Filling the Void, Part 5

Who are you Doing this For? Kingdom of Power, Part 19

The Why

Why are you Here? Real Resurrection Life from the 1st Book of Corinthians (3:8-9)

Wide Load

Words Long Forgotten

Wrestling for the same Mission

Writing Stories? You Must be Kidding!

You are More Than That!

You Know the End from the Beginning

You Are a Work of Art

Yukon, Here we Come!

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