Lessons from an Insignificant (My mouse Bandito)

In memory of my little friend Bandito, the mouse who was laid to rest on 11 Nov 04 but who will live on forever in my heart.

Insignificant and unlovable, that's how many would label you. They see you as one of many, easily replaceable, but to me you are so much more than that. You came to me abandoned, unwanted and in need of care. At first I felt sorry for you and as an animal lover I didn't want any harm to come to you but there was no real bond there, you were just a job that needed to be done. It wasn't long, however, before you worked your way it in to my heart. Even though I cared for you and provided you with warmth, shelter and food, I guess I always knew that you gave me much more than I ever gave you. You came to me at a low point in my life and caring for you helped to give my life new focus and a renewed sense of purpose. You might only be a little mouse, Bandito, but you are also one of God's creatures, my companion and a great source of joy for me.

I remember when you were only two weeks old and you had an eye infection. I had to take you away from the comfort and security of your mother and siblings and down to the local vet. You gave me your trust so completely, I was amazed and I think it was then that our bond was formed. At six weeks of age it was necessary to separate you from your mother and the other female mice and re-home you in a cage with three other older and bigger male mice. Any one who has ever owned mice will know why. Their incredible breeding abilities is what brought you and thirty-four other unwanted mice to my mother and I in the first place! I remember how you anxiously tried to run back up my hand as I tried to place you in your new home. For about a week you would sit in a corner fearful of any contact with the other mice but you learnt to be brave and it wasn't long before you were running that cage- the Alpha male.

I have watched you grow and many nights we have sat together watching TV with you nestled into my neck, a constant source of companionship. Strange how you can find companionship with another species that can't even talk or really communicate with you at even a basic level. I still find it incredible that I could become so attached to you, a creature I once thought of as unlovable. Through you I believe I learnt something very special. Love does not adhere to any rules or boundaries. It runs like a golden thread through all of creation, at times it's light so diminished it is barely discernable, but it is there nonetheless. I like to think that God in his great wisdom sent you to me as a gift and in loving you I have learnt that what we humans often cast aside as unimportant and unworthy can be of great value to God.

As humans we are also quick to dismiss those of our own kind. We see them as too young or too old, too weak, not smart enough, unworthy or just plain insignificant, but God sees things in a different light. It is all important to him. We are all important to him, but it is often those that we place little value on who can be our greatest teachers and whom God chooses to use for His greatest purposes. Take children for instance we often think they have very little to contribute or teach us but Jesus held children in high regard. When the disciples tried to keep the little children from him, he rebuked them by saying, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." (Matthew 19:14)

The Bible is full of examples of how God is able to use those that the world chooses to disregard. Look at Mary, chosen by God to bring Jesus into the world and nurture and care for him in his young years. Mary and her husband Joseph had little by human standards and but for Jesus would probably have gone through life barely noticed. But God noticed them, he saw into their hearts and knew that though poor in worldly wealth they were rich in spirit. Another great person who comes to mind is the disciple Simon Peter, a lowly fisherman and a self confessed sinner. He was by no means important or perfect but Jesus chose him to be "the rock" of his new church after he returned to Heaven. But the greatest example for me is how God chose to reveal himself to the world through the greatest Man that ever lived, Jesus. We are told that he came into the world with ".no beauty or majesty to attract us to him. Nothing in his appearance that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected by men...and we esteemed him not." (Isaiah 53:3) As the Bible says God's ways are not man's ways. What we would reject he is able to use for his Glory.

So back to my little friend, Bandito the mouse, we have had a lot of good times together and he is now my little "one eyed Bandit" since having his eye surgically removed due to eye disease. Some people are surprised that I would go to such lengths and expense to look after a little mouse who after all can be so easily replace, but to me he is irreplaceable.

Bandito, many will still see you as insignificant, just a pest but I believe you were a Blessing from God. You are not insignificant You may be only tiny but you have taught me much about Love and the need to be open to the value of things around me, be it people or a tiny little mouse. For this my little friend I thank you. You will always hold a very special place in my heart.

"God's love is meteoric, his loyalty astronomic, His purpose titanic, his verdicts oceanic Yet in his largeness nothing gets lost; Not a man, not a mouse slips through the cracks"

(Psalm 36 The Message)

Caroline Sanderson caro@bigpond.net.au (Caro is my nickname)

About Me: Caroline Sanderson

I am a 36 year old single mum. I live in Brisbane with my 6 year old daughter Eleanor, a German Shepherd dog Tara, and Biscuit my mouse (I had 35 mice at one stage) and a fish. As you can probably tell I love animals. My other passions are music, reading and writing, spending time at the beach and movies. I studied English, History and Journalism at University and have worked on and off for Flight Centre in Australia ever since.

I also love traveling and experiencing different cultures. I spent most of my 20's seeing the world. I lived and worked in London for 3 years and used that as my base to travel. Once of my best experiences was overlanding from London to Kathmandu through Europe and the Middle East, on a double decker bus followed by a trek in Nepal.

I became a Christian April this year and have been on a pretty steep learning curve ever since. I look forward to forming a closer relationship with the Lord each day.

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