The Single Tear

There was just one. It dropped out of the corner of my eye, and before I could reach up to wipe it away, it had already coursed down my cheek. Where had it come from, this single tear?

In completion of an exercise given out at our home Bible study group, I had been spending some rare quiet time with my Best Friend. The assignment hadn't been specific. The only instructions were to find a quiet place away from distractions, and open our hearts to God. Finding a quiet place is a challenge in my house, however, so when I found myself facing a 90 minute wait in the car while my boys were at puppet practice, I seized the opportunity to do my homework!

To try to explain in words the magnitude of those 90 minutes would be an impossible feat. All I can say is that God was right there in my car with me, and His presence was so tangible, his voice so loud, that I kept expecting to see Him in the passenger's seat. The things God told me were numerous and far too personal to put down on paper, but the one thing that really stuck out in my mind was the words of Col. 3:12: "As those who are CHOSEN OF GOD, HOLY AND BELOVED . . ." I was CHOSEN by God! I was HOLY! I was BELOVED! It was not an idea I had contemplated before, and to say that if left me in awe would be an understatement.

And now, as the 90 minutes drew to a close, I closed my eyes to reflect on this for just a few more minutes: "Chosen by God" . . . "Holy" . . . "Beloved" . . . What did this mean in practical terms? How did this status of "Beloved" by God really manifest itself in everyday life?

That's when I felt the warm, wet stream course down my right cheek, the cheek closest to the passenger's seat. My eyes snapped back open. Tears aren't foreign to me, but I didn't feel any of the emotions that usually accompany them. "Maybe I'm just tired," I mumbled. But that wasn't right either. When my eyes are tired, they BOTH water and I get LOTS of tears . . . What was going on?

Then He spoke: "I shed that tear," He said. "When you start up that engine, your mind will return to other things: what to cook for dinner, whether or not you will get funding for that equipment at work, how to teach your boys to put their clothes away . . . The thought that our time together will soon end brought tears to my eyes, and one of them dropped on your cheek."

"Oh Lord!" I breathed, almost reverently touching that still-moist spot. "You have enjoyed this time as much as I have! But . . . How . . ."

My question about how a busy God would have time for me was immediately interrupted by the first line of Col. 3:12: "Chosen by God, holy, beloved . . ." Suddenly the full meaning of this verse struck me: I am God's beloved. He desires to spend time with ME, to commune with ME, to have a relationship, a friendship with ME!

"Oh Lord," I repeated, "why can't we do this more often?"

He didn't answer. He didn't need to. I already knew. He WAS always there. It was ME who was too busy, too insecure. It was MY adamant belief that the God of the universe didn't have time to spend with me; MY poor self-image that shouted I wasn't important to God.

"Oh Lord," I repeated. "Help me to ALWAYS realize how close You are, how much You desire to be with me! Help me to NEVER again let busyness or insecurity come between us! Lord, help these 90 minutes to go on forever!"

His response was clear: "That's exactly what I died for!"

"So as those who are chosen by God, holy and beloved . . ." (Col. 3:12)

Lyn Chaffart

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