We're Not Alone

A long time ago

In the fall of the year
Something changed my life
That brought many tears
I lost my only child
Whom I always adored
I had no control
When angels opened the door
The shock, pain and grief
Took its toll on me
I knew my life was changed
And never again would be
The way it once was
When happiness filled my days
Instead I faced heartache
To live with every day
I felt so alone
And thought no one else could know
The pain in my heart
That changed my life so
For years I walked
On a long lonely road
Feeling the pressure
Of a too heavy load
I begged for answers
Of why this happened to me
And why was I left
Here alone to grieve
I found my family and friends
Could not understand
Living without my child
Whom I called my little man
As bad as things were
My eyes still could see
That their lives were not changed
Like mine was for me
I felt so alone
I hurt every day
If someone did visit me
I had very little to say
But time has helped
On this road that I've walked
I've found I'm not alone
On this road, others walk
I hope no one else
Ever feels alone
The way I once did
To cope in a childless home
But life has taught me
Through years of my grief
That I can turn around this pain
And find some kind of relief
I can offer knowledge
And tell others they're not alone
I can let them know time helps
When tragedy strikes at home
I can always let them know
That no matter how hard it seems
We find one another
And that's how it should be
To walk the road of bereavement
Is hard enough to do
But it helps to know
There are others with you
One day when time has passed
And you've learned how to cope
You'll be able to help others
When they seem to have no hope
You will reach out your had
And say "Follow me"
For I have walked this road so long
You're not alone when with me
When the angels call too early
And someone needs a friend
We can offer our hand
And show them where we've been
Sharon Bryant 1946@bellsouth.net

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