Adding and Subtracting

As for Me and my House

At the End of the Day

Auto Ferry

The Bathtub

Before Jesus

Being Kind to Each Other

The Biplane


Building a Fabulous Sandcastle Part 1 Time Together

Building Patience... and Faith

But it's too Late! They are Already Terrible Teens! Bringing up Kids God's Way, Part 14

Clearing Out

The Clock

Clocks and Chalkboard Erasers

Destined to Ö Eternity? My Lord and Master Series Part 1


The Dog Ate It

Eastern Courtesy

Eternal Dreams

Father What Time is it?

Four Hours Early? Get me Back on Board!

Getting Things Done

Gift Exchange

God Knocking at my Door

God's Will or My Will?

Holding On to Nothingness. Holding On, Part 1

Just Imagine

If Only I had Known

If You Praise Him - He Will Speak!

I'm Breathing

In the Wrong Lane

In this day...

It's All About Perspective

I've Got Time

It was a Perfect Timing

The Long Awaited Encounter

Make the Most of your Time

Me a Slave? Never!

A Minute of your Time

Missed Opportunities

My Grandmother's Sewing Machine, Symbol of Quality and Caring

My Old Watch

Never Too Late

Not Enough Time

Of Woodpiles and Lobster Traps

One Day at a Time

The Park Bench

Parking Philosophy

Pause for a Moment

Picnic in the Park

Plenty of Time

Prayer Stands for Power

The Present

The Present

Quick Charge

The Raging War. When Suffering Knocks on our Door, Part 1

The Reluctant Pot

Scotsman's Pocket

Sharpen Your Axe

The Signs: Do you have any Time? Who me?

Special Time

STOP!!!! Bringing Up Kids God's Way, Part 6 The Relationship, Part B: Stop, Look and Listen, Part i

Take the Time

Tasting Living Waters. Jesus' Deepest Desires, Part 11

The Thing I Valued Most in my Life

This Rock Tells me my Dad Loves Me

Time and Love

Time Busters: Naked and Out of Control. Real Living, Part 11

Time For What?

Time is my prayer

Time Limits

Time Not Wasted

The Timing of it All. God Guides, Part 2

Time to Hurry

Time Well-Spent

Too Late

Two Dollars for Some Treats

Unexpected Lessons

An Unexpected Visitor

Vacation With God

Wake Up!

What If

What Might Have Been?

When God Gives Extra Time

When it's time!

When Itís Time

When Waiting is All You Can Do. Control Freaks' Senility, Part 3

Will You Dine With Me? Victory Series, Part 32

The Wrong Turn

Your Bank Account

You Cannot Keep Time

You have Wasted Half of your Life

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