Adversity Knocking on Christmas Eve. Restful Repose, Conclusion

Air from Above: Victory Series, Part 42

Be a Lupine: Victory Series, Part 27 (Temptation)

Beating the Odds Through God's Spirit. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (8:13)

The Beauty of the Rings: Digging Deeper into Victory Series, Part 5

Black Flies

Breakthrough on Peril. Flying Like an Eagle, Conclusion

Breathing Under Water: Victory Series, Part 28 (Temptation)

Bungee Addicts: Victory Series, Part 17 (Our Armour)

Bye Bye Bully

Cancelled Flight: Victory Series, Part 50

Can You Hear Me? Devotions from the Psalms (27:7-8)

The Chasm: Victory Series, Part 18 (Our Armour)

Conquering Suicidal Feelings

Cowering Amidst our Storms. Do we Truly Believe? Part 8

Created With Eternity in Mind: Fearless Victory Series, Part 1

The Cure to Challenges. Flying Like an Eagle, Part 9

Dancing Waves: Victory Series, Part 43

The Dangers of Giving In: Victory Series, Part 34 (Temptation)

The Defeat. Only in Jesus, Conclusion

Defeated by Salt: Devotions from the Psalms (27:2)

Defending the Defenceless: Victory Series, Part 21 a (Our Armour)

Dementia Invasion: Take No Prisoners!

Destined to Fly: Victory Series, Part 13

Destroyed to Nothingness. Alive series, 26

Doomed to Destruction. Broken for Revival, Part 4

Driving the Small Mountainous Road of Italy: Victory Series, Part 20 (Our Armour)

Emerging Victorious

Energized or Deprived Believers: A Question of Connection. Filling the Void, Part 1

Facing Complete Destruction. When Suffering Knocks on Our Door, Part 8

The Famous Unknown Identity. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (7:5-6)

Fear Faith, Part a: Rivers of Faith, Part 11

Fear of Cancer

Fighting the Tide: Victory Series, Part 14 (Our Armour)

Flamingo Parade. Control Freaks' Senility, Part 12

Flying High Above Neuschwanstein: Victory Series, Conclusion

Flying Over Mud. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 9

Freed from our Bondage! Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (7:14-25)

From the Slopes of Gros Morn. Mountain Top Experiences, , Part 3

Frozen into Ineffectiveness. Facing Unimaginable Odds, part 13

Geo-Thermal Eggs. Digging Deeper into Victory Series, Part 1

Glaucoma on the Horizon. The Forgotten Message, Part 22

God is Better than Drugs! Kingdom Bound Experiences, Part 3

Grandpa's Bad Habit

Green Does Not Always Mean Safer: Digging Deeper into Victory Series, Part 2

A Green Flowered Bag in a Black Suitcase World

Hope on the Horizon. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (5:3-5)

In God's Eyes: Victory Series, Part 45

Hands Up Moses! Facing Unimaginable Odds, Part 15

Hanging by a Thread. Rivers of Faith, Part 17: Faith Tumbler - Legalism vs. Indulging in Sin

Hilarious Odds. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 2

In Harm's Way: Fearless Victory Series, Part 10

The Hidden Cobwebs of Life: Victory Series, Part 46

Hidden From Sight: Victory Series, Part 19 (Our Armour)

Hidden Glory: Victory Series, Part 23

Hidden Truth. How Can I Break Free from my Addictions? Part 1

Hold the Ground at All Cost! Kingdom of Power, Part 11

The Hydroids of Life: Victory Series, Part 30 (Temptation)

The Impossible is Always Possible! Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 5

The Inevitable Forgetfulness: Victory Series, Part 36

In the Deepest Darkness. Amidst Tribulation: Jubilation, Intro

Intruder Alert: Victory Series, Part 39

In Whom do we Trust?

Is It Really So? Victory Series, Part 12

Itís All About Perspective. Facing Unimaginable Odds, Part 16

It's All About Victory! Alive series, 24

It Isn't Always as it Seems: Victory Series, Part 33

Joshua at Jericho

Keas on the Loose: Victory Series, Part 41

Keeping our eyes on Christ

Knowing the Real Enemy. Intro to Hell's Tactics

Land of Opposites: Victory Series, Part 16 (Our Armour)

The Leaking Mask. Flying Like an Eagle, Part 5

Learning to Breathe. Flying Like an Eagle, Part 4

Let me Help You with That

Let's Have a Run for it. Victory Series, Part 53

Life in the Fast Track: Fearless Victory Series, Part 3

Light of Hope. The Witness Intro

Longing for Oliebollen: Fearless Victory Series, Part 9

Look Up!

Lost and Corrupted: Fearless Victory Series, Part 11

The Lost Room Entrance Card


Lulled to Complacency: Victory Series, Part 21 b (Our Armour)

The Lure: The Heart of the Matter, Part 7 (Satan at Work)

Missed Opportunities. Facing Unimaginable Odds, Part 14

The Most Renowned Dog in China. Facing Unimaginable Odds. Part 22

The Mouth Watering Attractive Fruit to Misery: Fearless Victory Series, Part 7

Mystic Beauty Amidst Rain: Victory Series, Part 37

My Testimony

My Trip to the Moon. Who Needs Houston? Filling the Void, part 10

Never Give Up. The Forgotten Message, Part 22

Next Door Please! Digging Deeper into Victory Series, Part 6

No Coincidences: Victory Series, Part 25

No Shortcuts: Victory Series, Part 29 (Temptation)

Not Available in the Secular World

A Nugget Worth of Admiration: Victory Series, Part 31

On a Lonely Hill

The One-Lane Bridge: How Can I Break Free from my Addictions? Part 2

Opportunities in Disguise. Rivers of Faith, Part 10

The Outcast: Victory Series, Part 52

Out of Focus. Do we have the authority to heal?

Overflowing Coffee and Hot Chocolate: Victory Series, Part 51

The Path He Made

The Patient Glitter: Victory Series, Part 44

Plans to Prosper

Power from Heaven. Christmas: Rebirth, Part 3

The Promise. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 4

A Question of Faith: Victory Series, Part 38

A Question of Reliance -- The Soapy Lady Knox: Victory Series, Part 22 (Our Armour)

The Race for Cleanup: Victory Series, Part 48

Racing Across the Frozen Lake: Digging Deeper into Victory Series, Part 4

Ragamuffin. Hell Tactics, Conclusion

The Raging War. When Suffering Knocks on our Door, Part 1

To Reach My Destination: Victory Series, Part 49

The Real Christmas Tree: Christmas in New Zealand, part 4

The Real Enemy: Fearless Victory Series, Part 4

The Real Thing: Victory Series, Part 47

The Reformed Snake. Filling the Void, Part 6


Resisting the Tempest: Fearless Victory Series, Part 2

Resting in the Arms of Our Savior. Restful Repose, Part 11 and Flying Like an Eagle, Part 2

The Sacrifice: The Cost of Never Giving Up!

Safe in Line: Digging Deeper into Victory Series, Conclusion

The Search for Victory: How to Overcome Temptation. Filling the Void, Appendix

A Single Drop of Water: Victory Series, Part 24

Slow Down! Why? Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (6:11-13)

Snake on the Run . . . And Boy Can it Run! (Make the Devil Run!) The Slimy, Slivering, Beady-Eyed, Forked-Tongued Serpent, Part 5

Snares from Hell: Stuck on the Wrong Side of the Road. Fearless Victory Series, Part 6

Standing in the Shadows of Giants

Standing on Dry Ground. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 11

The Story of Mel Trotter

Stranded By Ash. Broken for Revival, Part 3

Stress Dissolved into Trust. Flying Like an Eagle, Part 8

Stuck in the Rut and How to Get Out of it -- My Lord and Master Series Part 3

The Stumbling Block: The Tram to De Panne, En Panne! Fearless Victory Series, Part 5

Submissive but not Defeated! Control Freaks' Senility, Conclusion

A Swim with Snakes. No Thank you! The Slimy, Slivering, Bead-Eyed, Forked-Tongued Serpent, Part 4

Terror in the Night. Flying Like an Eagle, Intro

There is a Crack in my Floor! Broken for Revival, Part 2

Triumphant Celebration. La Vie en Rose, Part 5

The Truth: I am Free! Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (5:12, 15)

Uncertain Times. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 1

Unconditional Acceptance: Victory Series, Part 54

The Underground

The Unseen: Rivers of Faith, Part 4

A U.S. Highway in Canada? Alcan, Part 1

The Vermins in our Life! Mountain View Series, Part 18

V for Victory! Restful Repose, Part 10

Victory or Defeat. It's up to us! Kingdom of Power, Part 9

Walking on Bombs Without Harm. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 10

Walk or Sink. It All Depends on our Perspective. Facing Unimaginable Odds, Conclusion

The Weight of Waiting: Digging Deeper into Victory Series, Part 7

The Welcome Center is Closed, but I Still Need to Go! Control Freaks' Senility, Part 2

We Were Meant to Shine: Victory Series, Part 35 (Temptation)

What's Eating you Up?

When Arrows Get Lost Instead of Hitting the Mark: Christmas Awe part 3

When Life is Like a Washing Machine. The Heart of the Matter, Part 24 (Praising)

When Luggage Seems Too Heavy: Fearless Victory Series, Part 8

When Ropes Break: Digging Deeper into Victory Series, Part 3

Where Did My Foot Go? Victory Series, Part 40

Who is Really in Charge?

Where's the Moon? A Kingdom of Power, Part 3

Will You Dine With Me? Victory Series, Part 32

With a Smile or a Frown-The Choice is Yours: Victory Series, Part 15 (Our Armour)

With Trumpets and Empty Jars. Facing unimaginable Odds Series, part 3

The World's Steepest Street: Victory Series, Part 26

Worthy Trek: How Can I Break Free from my Addictions? Conclusion

You are What you See. Ouch! I Have a Fly in my Eye!

The Yuk

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