A Feather from God

There was a lady who was reading a magazine while waiting for her daughter. In the magazine was an article about a lady whose husband was killed in a tragic aeroplane accident (he was our South African cricket captain).

In the article, the lady said that she struggled to get over her husband's death. One evening she just broke down and lied on the floor, crying and praying. The next morning, she found 2 feathers - one on her verandah and the other one on a chair on her verandah. She and a friend searched through the Bible for the words "feather" and "bird" and she came across a verse that basically meant that Jesus will protect her like a fragile feather. He heard her prayers.

When the lady (that read the article) went home, she found a feather on her porch - in front of her front door. She realized that God also wanted her to know that He is listening to her prayers and that He will be with her. Coincidence that she also found a feather just after reading the article? I don't think so. In fact, I know it is not coincidence, because God is not a God of coincidence.

When I read the message, I thought, whoa! Wouldn’t it be amazing if I can also see a feather today? Melindi, my daughter, was with me at the office. When we got home, she came around the car to me and said, "I've got something for you, Mommy. It is a feather". I just started laughing. "Where did you get it?" I asked her. "Right next to the car", she said. Amazing thing is my car is parked inside a car park - no birds there! I had to explain to Melindi why I was laughing - it was because of joy!

I realized (again) that God is with me - and He shows Himself to me in small ways. Isn't our problem that we always want Him to show Himself in a big way - like in thunder and lightning? Or we want to see a miracle. I am so honoured to have been blessed by Jesus in showing Himself to me in small ways. Last year I got word that I will see Jesus in small ways and I am so thankful for that, because I have been blessed!!!

But this is not the end... that evening I had a couple of questions that I wanted to clear with Jesus - i.e. is it the end of time? (If you consider what is going on in the world); about the orphans in the East, etc. While paging through my Bible, reading scriptures, I came across ... you guessed it - a feather. It was a small peacock feather that I must have put in the Bible a long time ago. When I read the heading on that page, it read: "I will answer your prayers"! I got goosebumps all over!

My God ... our God is such an amazing God!!!!! Always remember, He is with you. He answers your prayers and He loves you sooooo much!!!!

I pray that you will feel God's presence during this year!

Karin duToit [email protected]

Karin is a Christian mother and wife who lives and works in South Africa.

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