Father to All

My Dear Child,

I ask you first that you stand still;
Consider and remember The Potter's Will.
You've asked of Me understandable things,
My Promise to you: Joy comes in the morning!
If you're still unsure that I'm up to your tasks,
I'll forgive your doubts, My friend: But, did you A.S.K.?
And when you have A.S.K.(ed)~ please don't forget this;
You must first receive of My gift of forgiveness!
For without forgiveness, My child, you can not come Home,
And ALL need to A.S.K.- so believe Me, you are not alone!
I have not forgotten you, nor have I gone;
I've been right here with you from day one all along!
So I ask of you a task once more,
Come gather them with Me from shore to shore;
B.U.T.~ when things get tough as they sometimes do-
Remember~ Calvary will always answer for you!
So Wind; You help My child to remember;
And Water; You not let him or her forget...
`Tis a Mighty, Mighty Deep Well:
 My child, and We are far from finished yet!
From the mountains to the valleys
I bid you not to stall...
All you 90 and 9~
For ONE: Heaven is worth it ALL!
Yours Truly:
with every last drop of Blood;
Your Lord and Savior Christ Jesus
And Father to All!
"Calie" Culleen Williams December 2004 [email protected]

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