For Love you are Never Too Old!

Maybe I was out of line. But I had to tell her how beautiful she was.

I just returned from my favorite breakfast restaurant. I'm not permitted to eat stuff like this, but I do. In fact my favorite meal in all the world is a full turkey dinner. I don't just wait for holidays. We had it last Sunday. After eating to my capacity, I said to Marianne, "I hope when I die I don't die longing for one more turkey dinner. I hope I just had my fill."

So it is with breakfast. Home fries, scrambled eggs, bacon or ham and of course whole wheat toast for my arteries is my favorite. I was craving for it today and it got the better of me.

As I pulled into the parking lot I saw this beautiful older woman standing there in front of her car. She was like a picture right out of a fashion magazine. She had wonderful short curly hair. She wore a long brown plaid skirt that came down below her calves. A soft, short white collar, perhaps a mock turtleneck, shown above a marvelous tan sweater that was accented with a thread of gold glitter throughout. She had on white stockings and brown loafers. Her matching brown leather bag sat on the ground next to where she was standing.

She was looking around obviously waiting for someone. Her glance my way, as I pulled in, showed disappointment on her face. I wasn't the one she was waiting for.

The sunshine and bright blue sky added to the perfect picture. As always I struggled with my instinct that was telling me to say something to her. I was particularly concerned because I was in an old T-shirt and jeans. I didn't want her to think I was making advances. Unfortunately in this day one needs to be careful about kindness. I would be most likely a phone call away from a policeman if she mistook my intentions.

But when this particular Voice tells me to do something, I believe It will also take care of the details. I was right.

"Pardon me. Don't think poorly of me. But I must say you are a vision of beauty on such a beautiful day!" I said and then swallowed hard.

"Well, thank you sir. I must say no one ever told me that before. "

"I can't believe that," I said. "Whoever you are waiting for is one lucky person."

"No, I am the lucky one," she said. "I am lucky to have him back in my life."

I didn't ask anything about him. Oh, I wanted to. But I had already stuck my nose in where it didn't belong. I didn't want to have my head cut off.

So I entered the restaurant. "Linda, can I have a seat toward the back. I wanted to watch for someone," I told my friend.

"Are you expecting someone?" She asked.

"No. But she is," I said just as the door opened and the two of them walked in.

"Oh. People watching again are we?" Linda replied.

"Don't I always?" I said.

They were seated about four tables up from me. Too far to eaves drop on all the details but close enough to see their actions.

You don't have to hear people in love. You can see people in love.

He was a perfect match for her. I mean he dressed like the male model that would appear in that same fashion ad she could be in. He had on a soft multi color sweater of dark blues, maroon, gray and a touch of red. His navy blue corduroy pants and dark shoes gave him a sophisticated look. His hair was salt and pepper and slightly long for a man his age.

It wasn't five minutes into their meeting when he had reached across the table and caressed her hand. She was still reading the menu and it caught her off guard. Shaken, but like a young girl who just touched the heart throb she has always dreamed of, she responded with a smile.

I was pleased to be a witness to all of this. It gave me hope for love in my years ahead.

Then, suddenly I saw her pointing toward me. I panicked. My heart started beating faster. I could imagine her saying, "There he is, that masher. He's the guy who hit on me. Go beat him up!"

He approached my table, stopped dead in front of me and said, "Mary tells me you made her day."

"I aaaahhhhh," I snapped back in defense of myself. My quick wit was never good in situations like this.

"Thank you. When you compliment her, you compliment me. I've been in love with her since high school. But life took us in different directions. Now, life has gone full circle. Today is the first time we have seen each other in 45 years," he said.

"Excellent!" I replied still cautious of the outcome.

"We both were worried about what we looked like after all this time. She looks great. This is a new look for me. I call it my anti-aging outfit. Looks much younger than I am," he said.

"You both did a great job. I'm happy for you. You give me hope," I said.

He returned to her, grabbing her hand as he sat down, next to her this time.

No, I didn't pick up their check. You know I like to do that.

Blame it on the Voice inside me. He said, "Let him be the big shot. The last time he bought her a meal it was fries and a malted."

And so young lovers whoever you are, know what the future may hold. Even if time has taken it's toll, For love you are never too old. "I believe in you!"

Bob Perks [email protected]

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