Let's see. The Lord tells us His answers are always "yes", "no", or "Wait". Personally, that last one really gets to me. I don't know about anyone else, but I tend to be like a kid when told to wait. Let me show you how.

We have kids. We tell them we will go to the beach or park, or whatever tomorrow. Now, I don't know how your kids are, but this would be mine.

Mommy…when is tomorrow?….. After a nap kid!……. How long a nap?……..all night Son!…….OK….Next day….. Mommy, wake up, we have to go to the beach!!…..OK Honey, but first a shower, and breakfast……Why? I am going to get wet anyway, and I'm not hungry? I want to go now!….Well, I need a shower, and I am hungry!….But Mommy, if we go now we will get the best seat?….. Etc. etc. etc. I think you get the picture. Well, sometimes that is how we are when God tells us to wait. We question the time, and demand like a child to do it NOW! I don't know about you, but I would go crazy with 1 billion kids whining..now..now…now. He really must be a Loving God to put up with that kind of racket!! Think about it!!!

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