It's Me Again, Lord

It’s me again, Lord; and I just don’t understand
Why you’re allowing me to hurt this way!
I’ve tried and tried to serve you day by day,
As best as I can, without complaining; and yet,
Despair and anguish are my constant companions!

Without fail, I have sought to follow your teachings.
My goal has been to please you in each aspect of my life.
I have cherished your Word, and have diligently
Embraced your way, when those about me mocked
And scoffed at me, saying, “Where is this God you
Are tethered to? Why does he not come swiftly to your aid?”

All those who scoff and mock me for trying to live
By your Word, go to and fro in the workaday world
With no compassion…no concern whatever for needs of
The fallen, the hungry, and the destitute. They do this,
With no apparent fear of your awesome might and power.
Although these vile individuals flaunt themselves, and
Make no attempt to serve you Lord, you allow them to prosper.

As I ask these questions, I can feel anger taking control.
Why should I even try to live in strict obedience, while
Those who have no regard for your ways seem to prosper?
How long, Lord, will you ignore the evil deeds of those
Who have utter contempt for your righteousness?
Why am I persecuted and cast down; one who strives
To please and obey you at every turn? Have you turned
Your face away from me at the very time I need you most?

Forgive me, Lord; for even asking such questions. I remember
That you didn’t spare your own Son; but it was for my sake
That you let Him suffer agony and rejection! I know the answer
To all the questions that I have foolishly asked…I’m also glad
That I don’t even have to identify myself…
You’ve always known me!

James A. Henson © August 1, 2002 [email protected]

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