Little Things

"I need something big to happen," he said. "Something spectacular that will change my life."

"Like hitting the lottery?" I asked.


"Like getting a huge inheritance?"

"Oh yes, that would be great!"

"Like the warmth of the sun gently caressing your face on the coldest day in winter?"

"Yes...what? Warm sun in winter? I'm talking big. Not stupid everyday stuff," he said mocking me.

He just doesn't get it. He will most likely spend his entire life waiting for the big break, the lucky spin of the wheel, the right combination of numbers, the gift handed to him.

My father played the lottery and talked the lottery lingo. "One day when I hit the lottery, I'm going to..."

Every night at 7:00 p.m. he would sit in front of the television waiting for the drawing. By 7:02 he was cursing at the man calling the whole thing fixed.

The next night he'd be back there again.

He was waiting for the big thing to happen, too.

Both of these men never realized that the really big thing they were waiting for happened everyday in a bunch of little things.

Smiles, sun, rain, laughter, children, flowers, food, music, friendship, love, rainbows, the smell of a newborn baby, the warmth of a lover's touch, the gentle breeze that carries the scent of a fresh baked apple pie, the joy of giving, the thrill of winning, the lessons in losing, the success in ever trying at all, a book, a sigh, a tear, a falling down and a rising up, a birth and a death, a beginning and an ending, a single star, a wish, a hope and a prayer.

Finally I said to my friend. "You want something big to happen in your life?"

"I sure do!" He replied.

"Learn to love the little things."

Bob Perks [email protected]

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