An Extra Van

There was a time that I came into possession of a nice van while helping another family out of a financial crisis. It was an extra vehicle and I was not sure what I was going to do with it.

This particular evening I took a prayer walk around my neighborhood. When I got home, a neighbor came to my door. As soon as I walked in, she said that she wanted me to tell her about Jesus. As I was witnessing to my neighbor, a young friend, who was a seminary student, his wife and four children were coming in another door. George talked to them while I did what I needed to do for my Jesus.

After my neighbor left, we quickly fixed hot dogs for this family. My friend said "we need to talk to you." I had led his wife to the Lord several years before and they knew we loved them and would pray for them.

When we cleaned up the kitchen, we went into the living room where this young man said "we need for you to pray for us:" They had come from North Carolina and were going back in a couple of days. I knew it was a serious prayer request.

He said "we are about to go on the mission field in Mexico and our greatest need yet unfulfilled is for a van for these chil­dren."

I said "we have one in the front yard and you can have it:"

He couldn't believe it. He had no idea we had that van. I smiled because, that is just the way our Lord works. He knew all the time what I needed to do with that van.

Sarah Bertlhelson, Just Jesus. USA: Xulon Press, 2005, p. 55.

Sarah's Books "He Guides My Path" and "Just Jesus" may be purchased at: Barnes And, and or from [email protected] If purchased from Sarah they are $15.00 for both books. This is what she pays for them. Just send your address to her. Sarah's desire is for all to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a personal way.

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