He Gave me the Desires of my Heart

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

God placed us in Millington, Tennessee, when George retired from the Marine Corps. I had prayed for a home with four bedrooms and a pantry for twenty years. After living in base housing for all those years, I knew my hearts desire was to have a bedroom for each boy and a pantry. We looked all over the county for a house to buy. Our boys were always with us looking.

After God had closed many doors on houses we were interested in, a lady that worked with me as a volunteer at the Thrift Shop on base, said, "come and see my house, I may sell it to you:" She lived in the same neigh­borhood as my niece and I had watched the house as it was being built. It was a beautiful two story house with a circular driveway.

George, the boys and I stopped by one afternoon and as I walked in the door, I asked her if she had four bedrooms and a pantry. She said "yes". After walking through the house with her and her husband, I told George to "make the man an offer". Our offer was much less than the house was worth but all that we could afford. Her husband immediately said "no way". George thanked him, shook his hand and we left.

The next morning about 6:30 the man called and told George he would take the offer. We serve a great and mighty God and He gives us the desires of our heart. He promises us that (Psalms 37:4). The house was more than I had ever expected. It was God's house in God's timing. Did I say it was on 2 acres, which was George's input to my prayer for a house?

George retired and we moved into our new home. There was one problem that we had not known about. The boys would have to go to a private school a couple of miles from our home. We did not have much money so private school seemed overwhelming. It was expensive to send all three to a private school. There were times that I did not know where the money was coming from.

One afternoon I knelt and asked God for six hundred dollars that was due for tuition. I did not know where it was coming from hut He did. That is a lot of money but not for God. Would you believe that we got a refund from our insurance company for six hundred dollars ,just a day before their tuition was due?

Chad witnessed that miracle and never has forgotten it. I always prayed about everything. I was so grateful to our Lord Jesus that we could pay their tuition. He has met all of our needs, not all of our wants. I am now so thankful that I have not gotten everything I have asked for. He knows what is best.

Sarah Bertlhelson, Just Jesus. USA: Xulon Press, 2005, p. 43-44.

Sarah's Books "He Guides My Path" and "Just Jesus" may be purchased at: Barnes And Noble.com, Borders.com and Amazon.com or from [email protected] If purchased from Sarah they are $15.00 for both books. This is what she pays for them. Just send your address to her. Sarah's desire is for all to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a personal way.

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