Love is a Privilege

It is more than a gift. It is much more than an opportunity and far more than just a moment in time.

Love is a privilege.

Love is the purest form of praise.

Love is the echo of God's wanting us to be more.

It is a part of our obligation to live life fully. To find something in living that gives us such fulfillment and satisfaction that we leave with it a piece of who we are and take from it the essence of ever being near.

To love even a little is to be even more than we could possibly be on our own.

Love need not be passionate.

Love need not be romantic.

Love needs only to fill the gap between the longing for and the finding.

To love a child is to nurture God's plans for the future, to make fertile the seed of hope He has planted.

To love a man is a challenge. Men do not open that door too easily. To be loved in return means he has discovered in you the part that was missing in him. Completeness is the goal.

To love a woman is like a glimpse of heaven. The tenderness of her spirit, the gentleness of her being, the fragrance of her soul must be what lies ahead in the promise of eternal happiness...aaahhh, heaven indeed! To be loved by her is an honor.

To love all living things is to praise the Master for His work.

To love a friend is a thankful act. A giving and return on investment in time.

To love you, having never met you, means I trust that God has brought us together for a reason. To love you, is to love God's plan for you.

Love is a privilege.

Bob Perks [email protected]

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