The Storm Tree

Somehow, the terrain and our buildings created a wind tunnel down one side of our house. When the winter winds blew down from the hills way off in the distance, they destroyed everything we put out on the verandah.

One particular wind storm was so fierce it completely blew over a large plant growing in a heavy tub, turned it upside down and totally smashed both tree and tub. Likewise, chairs and tables were a no-no unless they were made of cast iron and comforting cushions had to be firmly tied to them.

So we planted a line of trees along the fence to steady the wind and break it up. We thought a line of good, sturdy trees would prevent the disasters that plagued us but still the problem persisted. The tree line was helpful but it still did not give a sufficient break or prevent all the damage of the strong winds. Then one day I figured it out. We needed just one more tree. It needed to be planted at the opposite end of the verandah where no other trees grew.

The soil was poor, there was a drainage problem and the aspect was extremely difficult so it had to be a very special tree. It had to be tough but flexible and it had to adapt to all the extremes the weather could throw at it.

We chose it carefully, it grew and flourished and it became our storm tree. In time we came to depend on it so that our verandah became a pleasant place to share time with friends. Because of the tree, we had shelter.

There was once another storm tree and, among all the trees that were growing, it was the only one that stopped destruction. It was a storm tree that prevented us from being lashed by storms of sin that would totally smash us.

There are many good and sturdy trees but only one storm tree that prevents destruction. It is the tree of Jesus, who 'himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed.' (1st Peter 2:24.)

It is the only one that can still the winds that threaten to destroy the world. Please grow the storm tree of Jesus so that everyone around you has a shelter from the fierce gales of sin.

Elizabeth Price [email protected]

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