The healing Of the Broken Joint

About twenty-two years ago my first wife, who is now with the Lord, and I were involved in a head on auto collision.

The snow was swirling and she and I were driving on a country road taking her to work. We were moving about thirty miles an hour and meeting us was another vehicle traveling about the same rate of speed. Suddenly our automobile started to slide very slowly into the opposite lane and I managed to steer back across the center line and then we started back toward the other lane again. The car meeting us could not stop and we met in the center of the road almost head on. Both cars were totaled, and we were all injured. The impact was horrific.

I must have passed out for when I opened my eyes the windshield was completely covered with snow. My wife was beginning to regain consciousness and as I checked her out she was frightened because my face was covered with blood. When we finally realized that my scalp was cut and the blood was not as serious as we first thought, we found that she could not move her left leg. By this time people from the homes nearby had gathered and I was told that an ambulance was on the way.

After we were transferred to the hospital, it was found that I had some cracked ribs and a pretty bad scalp laceration. The man in the other car had a few cuts and bruises and a broken arm.

But the doctor came to me and said it was necessary to do an emergency surgical procedure on my wife's left hip joint and install a steel rod thru the joint. The x-ray showed a large crack thru the ball of the joint, approximately two-thirds across. He informed us that the crack would continue to run, just like a crack in a glass.

Now I am not too smart, but I do try to listen to the voice of my Lord and I felt impressed to ask for another opinion.

Friends you would think that I had insulted that doctor beyond reason. He became angry and told me he just might remove himself from the case. I just looked at him and said, "Doctor, that's fine with me, but I want a second opinion." After he stood glaring at us for a full minute, he said, "Sir if it will make you happy we will do another x-ray." I replied "That's fine doctor and I appreciate you doing that."

My wife was taken away and shortly she came back. I took her hand and we both wept and I prayed something like this:

"Dear Lord

You know we don't have any money or insurance to pay these hospital bills and we are asking you to touch my wife and heal her hip.


About fifteen or twenty minutes later the doctor came back to the room and he began to stutter and clear his throat and sort of hum-haw around and finally he said, "Ah, well ah, we, ah, well we made a mistake." Now dear folks that doctor and everyone connected to the case as well as my wife and I had seen the x-ray. The bone was broken and there could be no doubt about it.

I immediately began to say "No doctor", but he cut me off. He started to turn and walk away and he said, "Oh I know the LORD healed her, hallelujah", with a loud sarcastic voice and he stormed out of the room.

There was a nurse standing behind me the whole time that these things were happening. She let out a shout and frightened this old Baptist preacher to death. I mean she had a Holy Ghost fit right there in the hospital room.

I suppose she saw the look on my face and then she said, "Mr. Avery, do you know who that doctor is?" I responded, "No I have never seen him before today." Then she said that he was the biggest agnostic in this whole Hospital. He was one of the smartest men in Greenville, North Carolina and he eats Christians alive.

Well I never did I see him again and the hospital would never return my requests for the two sets of x-rays. But you know I just believe God spoke to the "smartest man" that morning. I don't know if he is alive or dead, and never could remember his name. But he may say he is an agnostic, but you and know the truth and I believe so does he!

My wife walked out of the hospital.

James Avery [email protected]

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