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Matthew 7:9,10 GNB " What parent would give his son a rock when he asks for a piece of bread? Or a dish of poison when he asks for food? How much more will your Heavenly Father give good things to those who ask him!"

Duchess, a basset hound mother, Jacques her son, and Candy, a miniature wirehaired dachshund lived at our house back in the 1970s when our children were still at home. We had other pets as well -- a cat, fish, birds, lizards and - yes, even snakes! Some of the creatures I just tolerated, but I did love those dogs. Each week when I went to the grocery store I would bring home a package of bones for the dogs. Understand, this was back when we didn't know bones were bad for dogs and our dogs LOVED to chew on them. On the particular day of my story I went to the kitchen, as was my habit, to get breakfast for my family and make their lunches for the day. In the process, I took 3 bones and gave one to each of the dogs. I KNOW each one got a bone because I - personally - put one into each mouth!

Later I went outside only to be met by two VERY SAD looking dogs. I said to them, "Where are your bones? Are you through chewing them already?" No answer, but two pairs of sad eyes looked over by the fence where Duchess was busily chewing on HER bone. Closer inspection showed that Mother Duchess was SITTING ON 2 BONES while happily chewing on the 3rd.

Duchess never heard about sharing or being good to her son. She just wanted ALL the bones. She couldn't chew on but one at the time but she could sit on the rest and totally ignore the two sad faces before her.

Duchess was a dog and she followed her doggie nature, but we humans need to remember others in our everyday life.

Wynona Gordon

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