I would like to share something about my beloved cat, Callie. He passed away. We had to put him to sleep but I would like to share how I learned about love.

I was a pretty new christian when I adopted Callie. He was abandoned as a kitten and was living at my work site. On a very cold november night he came up to me and started rubbing my leg and my brother asked me if I wanted a cat and at first I was like no way. But then I relented and said yes!

Well Callie was feral and we had a tough time of it in the beginning, training him to use the litter. One day I noticed my plant in the bathroom was flattened and every day it would be the same so one day I walked in there and who do you think was sleeping in the plant? Callie! It was too cute.

Anyway to make a long story short I was always yelling at this cat that I rescued and he did not like me too much. One night I was laying on the couch and out of the blue Callie came and laid on me and started to lick me on my face and cuddled with me! My heart melted and I started bringing him to bed with me so he could cuddle and my heart just started to melt like a frozen popicle in the heat. From that night on I learned what it's like to be loved and to give love.

I had a very bad past and I was hard as hard could be but God brought different things into my life to make me love again and know the joys of giving of oneself. He brought me Callie to soften my heart of stone and it sure did because that cat was very special to me.

I only had him 4 years but In that time frame I changed into a better woman and not the hard bitter person I was. I will always love Callie boy and Father God for what he did.

Susan Jackson [email protected]

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