Moist Eyes

I find that my eyes are watering up more often lately. They were wet when I got my daughter ready for her prom recently. I felt my vision get a little blurry too just the other day when I watched an old home movie with my Mom in it. These days I even find them getting moist from certain songs I hear, stories I read, and thoughts I have. Some think I am getting sentimental in my middle years. I think I am just getting wiser and more in touch with Godís love.

Not all of my tears are loving and joyful ones, either. I have had tears of sadness while holding my own crying son, because there was nothing I could do to ease the frustration his Autism causes. I have had tears of grief when first my Mom and then my Grandma died. I have even had tears of empathy in seeing the suffering that so many people in this world are going through everyday.

Even with the moist eyes and mixed feelings, however, I wouldnít change who I am today. I have more love in my heart and joy in my soul than ever before. I have found too that it is our own caring souls that God uses to help heal the world. It may open us up to more pain and suffering, but God always gives us the strength, love, and goodness to handle it. It may give us a few more tears, but God makes sure that most of them are ones of joy, compassion, and kindness.

It is far better to have wet eyes and a warm, loving heart than dry eyes and be dead on the inside. Donít be scared to let your eyes go moist then. Those tears will clear your vision to see Godís spirit in everyone you meet. Those tears will open your heart to all the love that God wants to bless you with. Those tears will strengthen your soul so that you can bring joy, compassion, and healing to all those around you. God gave you tears to ease your pain and tears to express your joy. Use them both to make this world a better place.

Joseph J. Mazzella joec[email protected]

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