John 3:36 He who believes in the Son has eternal life.

The bulbs were planted in the cool moist October soil, nestling into their dark hole to remain for a season. In 6 months they would emerge and show forth their beauty. What happens to a bulb under the ground for that period of time? Does it just lay dormant, doing nothing? No, I donít think so. I am no horticulturist, but something is happening deep within the ground before the green tips of the leaves break the earthís surface in the spring. Then, when the first tips of the leaves burst through the soil, the onlooker can see the new growth. How amazing it is to see the foliage emerge, with the flower, tight in bud. Before long, the flower unfolds to reveal its full beauty. Then, with all cycles, the flower dies and goes back to the earth. The bulb, however, the real heart of the flower, does not die. It remains dormant until nature once more beckons it to shine some beauty on the earth.

God plants a seed of love in our hearts. Is is an awareness of Him. He may use family, Sunday school or friends to enlighten us. He may use T.V., billboards (what a new concept in our era !) or radio to tell us His good news. Then, just like the daffodils, so many people lie dormant. These were the college years for me, when I was dormant in my spiritual life. But just as something is happening under the ground to the flowers, so, I believe some work is going on in our hearts. We may not see any manifestation of it for a season, but eventually we will bloom. We emerge with beauty when our spirituality begins to break the surface of lifeís hold on us. We can share the splendor of God in a variety of ways; all pleasing to the Lord. The beauty of our lives and the joy we have shared will remain alive forever, although this earthly body will fade and pass away. We can remain alive forever when we have asked Jesus into our hearts. God proclaimed it, I believe it, accept it and rejoice in that most glorious promise.

Marion Smith [email protected]

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