Exterminator II: Return of the Bug Guys

We had to call in the exterminator guys this week. Again. They know us well. It's because if we see even one bug, those people get a call…and I don't mean maybe. See, in my mind, one bug means we're infested. And while we're in my mind (not necessarily the safest place to be, by the way), I'll tell you that in there, all bugs are poisonous. Deadly poisonous. And even if the bugs are having an off day and forget to poison you, they will still eat you.

I can almost hear the exterminator people rolling their eyes every time I call. Can't you picture one of the guys covering the phone and telling his partner, "Hey, it's HER again. Guess what the deadly bug of the day is. It's a lady bug. Oh well, schedule us an easy hundred bucks for Tuesday."

It reminds me to thank the Father that he never rolls his eyes when I call. It doesn't matter how often I've called or how many times he's had to convince me that I'm not going to be eaten, he responds in love and grace. I love that. And I love it that he not only knows my phobias, he knows ME. John 10:3 says, " He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out." John 10:3, NIV. The Bible says he calls me by name! Just a few verses later, Jesus reassures us again, "I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me." (Verse 14).

How glorious it is to know the shepherd and to be known by so lovingly by him.

And do I have to even begin to tell you how much better that is than being on a first-name basis with the bug guys?

Rhonda Rhea [email protected]

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