One day late on a summer morning, I suddenly remembered that I got up too late for work to pray. I found myself thinking that I didnít really feel like praying. It was a battle going on inside of my mind. I was a transfer dump truck driver and I happened to be pulling up to a pile of ĺĒ rock to load. No one else was around. As I looked out the window of my rig at the pile of rock, the thought struck me that I could walk up onto the pile and tell God how I felt. I also wanted to ask Him to give me a better spirit about wanting to pray and loving Him more.

I climb up onto the pile and fell to all fours and told God ďI am ashamed that I find such an unwillingness to pray to you. I didnít want to come up here to pray to you and I donít know what to say or ask for except more of your spirit to love you more.Ē At that time my cell phone in my rig rang, and I went back down to answer it.

When I finished the conversation on the phone I again climbed up on the pile, but I took a different route. Again I fell to all fours and to my surprise and blessing, right under my nose, was a nest of four eggs, just the same size and coloring as the rocks. The rocks were pushed to form a nest and no other material was used. Just to my right I noticed a small bird with one wing extended and down. To draw me away from the nest, the bird dragged the extended wing, pretending to be hurt.

Tears in my eyes, I raised my hands to heaven and praised God. I thanked Him for His faithfulness and love for me, even as I was unfaithful and doubting toward Him. He showed me this to strengthen my faith in Him, to prove to me that He is real and that He is my God. What joy filled me that day, Praise Him!

Joe Padovano [email protected]

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