A Shoulder to Pray on

A retired pastor chose a seat in the airport terminal, then removed a small packet of business cards from his jacket pocket. On each card were printed these words:

"I am a retired pastor. If you have need of prayer, I am available to pray with you until my next flight leaves in three hours. God bless you."

Neither his name nor his address were on the card.

He laid his topcoat across the back of his seat while he went around the large waiting room, passing out the cards, smiling to each recipient, and saying "God bless you."

He was neatly dressed, carried a brief case and had the demeanor of a trusted family member. He often accepted speaking engagements across the country because, as a widower, he enjoyed travel and he loved praying with others.

Finished passing out the business cards, he returned to his seat and began reading the newspaper folded under his arm.

In a very short time, a young man stood before the pastor asking for prayer. Soon another, then another and another, until a long line had formed.

The pastor stood and prayed softly and unhurriedly with each person until his flight was called two hours later. As he was heading to the door, everyone with whom he had prayed stood to their feet to show their respect for this godly man who cared enough to pray.

For over fifteen years, he continued this practice at airports until one day he slipped quietly into the presence of His Lord. And hundreds of troubled souls found peace through the prayers of this quiet gentleman who became so well-known that many travelers re-scheduled their flights so they could be in the line that always formed in front of him in the waiting rooms.

God grant that I may be so willing to help others that I'll always be available, even to the needy hearts of strangers.

Mariane Holbrook is a retired teacher, an author of two books, a musician and artist. She maintains a personal website www.marianholbrook.com and welcomes your Emails at [email protected]

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