Computer Problems

Dear Friends,

I have a story similar to Lyn’s. Every since I have become involved with Answers2Prayer, strange and unexplained things have been happening to my computer (keep in mind, I handle the technical aspect of this ministry) and our webserver.

Before Answers2Prayer went on my webserver, in 5 years time I experienced zero downtime. In the 6 months since Answers2Prayer, our website has been approx 15 times. For a variety of strange and “goofy” reasons.

So I have begun to pray God’s protection on our webservers and have since experienced no problems.

Then the problems shifted to my personal computer. Again, strange and “goofy” things occurring. The latest thing, when I would push the “D” key on my keyboard, my computer would literally blow up. I suspected a virus but could find nothing. In desperation, I prayed for God’s protection on my computer on Friday night.

I rebooted the computer and am happy to report that the problem is completely fixed!

This reminds me once again that Satan is a stupid prankster who will stop at nothing to keep our message from reaching those in need.

Praise God that he has more power in his pinky finger than all of Satan’s host. Praise God that we serve a victorious Lord and have no need to concern ourselves with the pranks of a defeated foe.

Blessings to all,

Duane (Received on Sunday April 1st, 2001)

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