Cut Badly

Yesterday I was on on my deck getting ready to enjoy a barbecue with my children and my husband who was visiting us. My 2 year old son Victor wanted to get in the house and couldn't open up the screen door. Before I could help him, he banged on the glass of the storm door. The glass shattered and there was my precious baby with his little arms stuck in the glass with blood all over the place. I thought that his arms were cut in half. I was terrified. My maternal instinct told me to hold his arms so he wouldn't move. My husband calmy (but he was terrified) pushed the glass around so that we could get Victor's arms out.

As he did this, I saw a big blade of glass cut into my son's arm again. He had a big slash on his face and what appeared to be gashes all over his arm. I held him and started praying as his little wounded arm bled all over my neck. I asked for God to take away his pain. I actually felt like someone put an iron on my neck which was wear his wounds met my flesh. While Fred called 911 and my 5 year old Vienna was screaming hysterically, my son remained completely calm. The peace of God. I walked through my kitchen as I prayed and saw the olive oil that we were using to make a salad! I quickly anointed his head with a cross and plead the blood of Jesus for protection and healing. I held him, walked around my house, prayed and grabbed my pocket bible off of the counter. This was my worst nightmare. There was blood all over the place. I was flipping out to put it mildly.

Our God is an awesome God. From the ambulance I called Chrissy Campisi and Bishop and Sister Bruno from Abundant Life Worship center. Everyone was praying for my son. I think the paramedics thought I was crazy. Here I was laying my hands on Victor, praying in my "prayer language" and holding a bible. And then there was the cross on Victor's forehead and the olive oil in his hair. I proudly told the paramedic that I anointed him. He was ready to put me in a straight jacket.

Miraculously, I believe that God healed my son on the way to the hospital. What appeared to be numerous gashes from his arms crashing through the glass wound up being mostly scratches and scrapes! Believe me, this is NOT what I saw before we got into the ambulance! The only bad wound was about 1/4 inch wide and pretty deep. Victor only needed two stitches and we were on our way home. It was heartbreaking to see him suffer while he got the stitches and needles but prayer pulled me through.

I am not ashamed of my faith and I know my husband looked at me like I was out of my mind. I don't care.

The doctor actually said "This is a very GOOD day in your son's life. Usually accidents like these are a disaster. He is very lucky". Well, I know that he is blessed. God heard my cries for help. He protected my baby. I know that the scar from this accident will be there for him to give him a powerful testimony someday. I am so grateful and I bow down to our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ and thank them, thank them and praise them. Amen.

(Received on Tuesday May 1st, 2001)

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