Original request received on Monday January 1, 2001:

Dear Friends,

I just received this from the daughter of the lady who hosts the Special Needs Site for Children and Global Prayer. Her name is Elizabeth. (Heartseeker, as some of you know her) Please remember her in your prayers. She does so much for others in serving Christ, and she hardly ever asks for prayer for herself, so I know she must feel really bad. I would appreciate it so much if you would join with me in prayer for her. God Bless. Thank you.



Hello Julie

This is Rosemary, Elizabeth's daughter. She asked me to email you and ask you to send out a prayer request for her. She is having extreme dizziness and nausea and asked for me to send this to you so that prayers can be sent out. Thank you.


Answers: Please do put out an update thanking everyone for their prayers and support. I feel great!!! Shortly after (very shortly) the request went out I felt fine. The dizziness was gone and so was the nausea. I was so dizzy, I was afraid to breathe and I had dealt with it for a couple of hours before the request went out. There is no doubt, God heard the prayers and answered them immediately.

Though so unworthy, still God took the time to minister to me in answer to your prayers. Thank you all and Praise God that though I am so pitiful in His sight, He loves and cares for me and gave me grace beyond measure. I don't deserve it, I can't earn it, and yet Jesus died so He could give it. Tears fill my eyes when I think of the suffering He endured for such a worm as I. Isn't God wonderful!!!! Oh, How I love Him and all of you.

To His Glory Always,

Elizabeth (Received on Tuesday January 2, 2001)

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