Meg, her mom and her children were supposed to be evicted on Monday July 31st, 2000 at 3:00 p.m. Many people prayed on their behalf.

Dear Rob and Prayer Warriors Family of God,

(I wrote this yesterday yet, but I see it might not have gone out. I'm sorry!)

Thank you for all of your prayers for my family and me!! They're surely working!! Our God is wonderful!! Not less than a half hour ago the last ordeal of the day got over. To go back to this a.m., I made it to court and finally caught a judge. 'Spent 2 hours there trying to get the paperwork filed in the right system. It got mixed up, at my own ignorance, between the two court systems and I didn't know if it was going to stick, but I had it filed and I had the judge's original signature. Then I took a copy to the sheriff's department and had a copy delivered to my landlord and then we prayed as never before; well, yes, but, you know, really prayed down deep--my little grandson and I, on our knees for hours!!

At 11:20a.m. the landlady came and was swearing and screaming and almost hysterical about whether I was going to have (1/2) $3,000 by 3PM today or she was coming with the sheriff. She was ticked that I had not started to pack and was not out of here. I told her that she had left us in a position last week fully aware that we had just come down with a horrible case of the flu and I could not even respond to the court order, etc.. I told her that I had filed paperwork and that I was praying about it, them, us, etc.. She blew and hollered and screamed. Every time I mentioned any words like God, prayer, love, etc. she blew. She wanted to right then forcibly remove me from off the deck and over the railing in her frustration. I told her I was going to continue to pray; she didn't need to come back at 3PM because God was in control, but I'd see her later if she did decide to come anyway.

She did not show with the sheriff at 3pm, but she was back at 3:20 with her daughter (whom she had brought along for moral support this a.m.). She said,

"What kind of a big ______ lawyer are you, to pull off a stint like this one? NO one would have thought of it in a thousand years."

I said that it was no stint and I was not a lawyer, and God had done it.

"No," she said, "What law school did you go to?"

"None. God did this to get your attention." I told her I knew she didn't believe me that I loved them and was trying to be honest and pay them back, and that God was allowing this work to go on because they needed to know about God. I said that I had to go through this tribulation with her hating me in order to get her attention. I said that her husband was very different and was congenial and understanding and she was not. She agreed. I told her that she should love and appreciate him because he is a good man and she should not take out her aggression and frustration of me against him. Hold onto him. There aren't many around that will stay with one who has such a violent temper, etc.. She agreed, but couldn't look at me any longer.

The more I talked the quieter she became. She said, "I don't understand any of this religious stuff and love and God and blessing us, etc. that you talk about."

I said, "I know." And I told her more about how God loves her and died for all of us; her, too! She left very calm and I told her that I will pay her as soon as God allows me to have that money to pay her off and I want to be friends and leave in a good relationship and I will not run out on them. I need more time to move, etc.. She was calm and left with lots of questions about my strange actions. I don't think she has ever seen love or Christ as work before. I was given strength I didn't know I had to endure this "fiery furnace" of opposition and rage and legalities!! PRAISE GOD!! I take no personal credit. I am blessed that God could use me in this way. It is worth it.

She is mystified and I am elated. We are not out of the woods yet--we now desperately need the finances to pay them and to find a home and get moved, etc. All within the time span, but this was a real victory for us and to show them that "God is in control!" (power and money do not control god!--a clear sign of that here!)

We praise our precious lord and heavenly father for taking care of us and giving us strength to stand up for ourselves, for God to work out all the details, and we give him all the glory for his great works today!! Praise the Lord!!

Meg (Received on Tuesday Aug. 1, 2000)

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