Fallen Angel Assignment

A fallen angel came to Satan and asked him for an assignment. Satan asked what kind of angel he was and he said

"I am destruction, I teach foul language, anger, and indifference. I cause strife among people, especially believers, which is my specialty."

"I can get them fighting over all kinds of different beliefs and idea's. I have many, many people walking around with hate in their hearts who once loved."

"It is really easy, I can get them angry over money, positions, knowledge. It is almost like they are ready to get upset over how someone else lives or believes."

"Just yesterday I had 2 men who are neighbours and are Christians fighting over healing and prayer. You should have seen them, I had God crying over those two. I am really glad I came when I did because one of the men's boys got to see the argument and he was really close to asking Jesus into his life, that was a close one."

"Then the other day [I should get a medal for this] this fella Jack took one of his friends at work to church with him. This man almost decided to ask Jesus into his heart, BOY, what a struggle I had and I hate being in church. Well, this man pondered all night about Jesus, but the next day while at work when Jack was near him I got another man to get into an argument with him, and man did Jack lose it, well needless to say I got his friend back, another close call."

"I did lose one though, this lady just would not give up on her boy, I had him in drugs and drinking and living it up but she just wouldn't get off her knees for him and one of God's angels got another kid to talk to him and he got saved."

"Get this, that other kid loved that boy so much he even was crying with him. How do you fight someone like that? Maybe I can make his life miserable and get him back. Well, I got years to work on him. I just can't believe how easy it is to cause people to fall away from God anymore. It used to be maybe 1 of every 15, today I am getting over half to be lukewarm. It is just awesome how I can cause them to lose their love, that love that would get them to die even for an enemy if it would save them."

"We are winning because we finally got them talking love, but they can't live it.

"I am amazed at how God thinks these people would care about others like the first church did, those people are long gone, thanks to us."

As he and Satan walked away he said, "I need a real challenge, you got anybody who is really strong?"..........

Author unknown. If anyone has a proprietary interest in this story please authenticate and I will be happy to credit, or remove, as the circumstances dictate.

Thanks to Tidbits http://www.simplelist.com/nailprints/

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