And Speaking of Moms...

Years ago, I was blessed with a gift that still ripples gratitude in meónot from my children but by my Mom.

When my sudden blindness had darkened my world in every way, my parents also felt the gloom of my world. And even when I kept my anguish from them, I could almost hear their aching helplessness.

Then one day, my mom sat beside me and held my hands in hers. ďWhat would you say about your father and me moving in with you? I can help you with the boys.Ē

I sighed with hesitation. Although my three small sons would be delighted with the idea, I wasnít sure how my husband would react. But when my momís tender words continued, I knew this kind gesture on her part was an important way to show her love for me.

Hubby and I discussed the possibility and he agreed with enthusiasm. The transition for them had to be difficult. It included giving up their spacious condominium. And while she and my father would be living in tight quarters in our home, I knew their love could fill a football field.

We began the adjustment period, stressful at times, but my momís delicate demeanor and caring nature made it easier for all of us to re-establish our roles.

Mom could have chosen to show her love and support for me in many ways. But looking back, the loving gesture she chose renewed my hope and fuelled my desire to move forward. The fact that I knew someone loved me enough to sacrifice their comfort and independence gave me a new perception of my blindness.

Years later, with Godís grace filling our home, adjustments by all and my momís support, success (both personal and professional) filled my life.

Her unselfish giving as she demonstrated kindness wrapped in love has enriched my life. She taught me that the most important thing wasnít being able to see, but to be able to look beyond our own comfort to help those who need us most.

She provides much more than physical assistance with the household chores by showing me the power of love that brightens any darkness. Like a priceless treasure, I have tucked it away in my heart, laced with strings of gratitude.

Each Mother's Day is a reminder for me to do the same - pass on to my children the gift of lasting love, not with material things but with selfless sacrifice...

Janet Perez Eckles [email protected]

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