Day Lilies

I enjoy the variety of day lilies I planted out back because they bloom almost continuously all summer. The time comes, however when the blooming is over. The stalk becomes dry and brittle, and looks ugly. It seems like this would be the time to pull the stalks and discard the seemingly useless stem. However, at the tip of the stalk is a pocket.. holding 3 or 4 seeds. If you wait long enough, the pocket opens and black seeds fall to the ground… ready to be embedded in the dirt and wait for their time to grow into a flower for next year.

A time of blooming is wonderful in our Christian life, also. It is marvellous to be on the mountaintop; joyful and full of exuberance and love for everything and everyone. But in life, usually, the time comes, when the bloom drops off and we are like the dry and brittle day lily stalk. We may have to stay that way for longer than we care to. The good news is- new seeds of love are being formed within us, even as we endure the ugly times. When the season of dryness has passed…we too, like the lilies, will drop those seeds of love into fertile ground. New blossoms of love, kindness and compassion will come forth from us. I believe it… do you?

Marion Smith [email protected]

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