The Lazarus Effect

A letter send to us on July 9th, 2009.  Read about the power of our caring Heavenly Father.

"To Rob Chaffart in Canada and all our Faith Family (Especially Johanna, John & Michelle, Jimmy & Denise, Joe, Justin and Kim, Shirley & Mike, Dorothy and Gary, Steven in UK, Jennifer and Ron and all those who have kept us in prayer)... This is a bit long, but bear with me!!!

Some of you know the whole story... some of you we kept some information from to keep you from worrying about things you could not fix for us, when we knew that prayer would be more helpful. You all knew we were without work and hit with a disastrous year. You all remained faithfully in prayer for us, and encouraged us often. Only some of you knew that we were looking at campgrounds to live in because we were reaching the end of our ability to pay rent.

Things were compounded because the house Rosanna (our daughter) was living in, was flooded and no longer habitable. I had a serious respiratory infection from the mold inside while I was trying to clean up and salvage belongings. Even though our home was already in foreclosure status, Rosanna, as a tenant, lost furniture, personal belongings and was in dire straits financially after having to move. FEMA denied her time after time, saying there was no significant damage, even though our home had some of the most serious damage in our area. She did not seek assistance for the house--only personal loss. It was frustrating to watch others receive help day after day--some for less significant losses.

After the 4th appeal was denied, it seemed there was no hope. At suggestion of the City, Rosanna went to the State Rep. Office and an attorney provided by the city.

At the same time, Rosario has been without work since mid-April. There have been many people promising opportunities and interviews, but none who actually materialized. Not one real job interview.

Rob Chaffart (The Illustrator--check out the site--I have subscribed since 2006!) Wrote constantly to reassure us of their prayers and his burden for us. In his last e-mail, he reminded us of the story of Lazarus, and how we cannot always see God's perfect plan ahead. When they called for Jesus to come as Lazarus lay dying, Jesus did not come when they hoped... He delayed his return.

When He did come, Lazarus had died and they reproached Jesus, saying, "Lord, if you had come sooner, he would have lived!"

This is probably true... Jesus could have easily come and healed Lazarus. There would have been another wonderful account of Jesus healing the sick! No doubt people could argue later that it was a miracle, or perhaps he just got better on his own. But... we would have been deprived of one of the greatest testaments of all... Jesus raising one who had been dead for days, and the knowledge that Our Lord conquered death! There could be no doubt of the resurrection power!

Today--an inspector from FEMA called... again. Said he was in the area and would like to see the house. I notified Rosanna--she had gone to the pool at the apartment complex--said she was stressed and needed to relax. She received my call and went in to the complex office to call the inspector. The manager's daughter asked if everything was all right. Rosanna told her of her struggle with FEMA. The girl said.... "Rosanna, there is NO COINCIDENCE WITH GOD and that you are here right now. We need to pray over this!" Rosanna said the prayer that followed was some of the most powerful she had ever felt, and she was moved to tears as the young woman began to take authority in the name of Jesus!

The inspector came first to her apartment. He later said he came there first to verify they had no furniture and were truthful.

He inspected the paperwork again and said... "OK... let's go to your old house... I am satisfied you have been truthful." At the house, we did not interfere with his inspection. He came out shortly and said it was obvious that there were watermarks in the house indicating an unusual water level. He agreed the house was not habitable. After a bit, he said " With this inspection, I will be reversing the decision--you will receive funds for your move and furnishings!" As he went to his car, we saw the emblem on his car of "Faith/Grace" and quotations from Ephesians. I noticed the "WWJD" bracelet. When he started quoting scripture on faith to Rosanna, she broke down and cried again. He embraced her and told her that was what he was "here for." We still don't know how he was here today... The last letter said she was denied assistance and that was that. There were no more phone calls or follow ups!!! HE JUST SHOWED UP!!!!

When I got home, I told Rosario and we began praising God. I said "All our prayers for others are being answered... there is just us now..." He was moved to tears as well. Our reading today... "Though the mountains may fall, and the hills turn to dust..."

He went forth after that... his FIRST AND ONLY real job interview since April. I told Rosario that I felt a very strange sense of calm. We had told God last week that we would live in a camper if that is what He truly wanted for us, and still we would praise Him. I said, "If it is Your will, Lord... if You want something smaller than the apartment, it's OK... it's just that we are so tired at the thought of having to move again, and we are not so young." I sensed Him saying to me... "I will allow you to keep this little place of peace... but there is one thing I want of you...THAT YOU WILL LEARN TO FOLLOW ME IN FAITH!!!" I shared this with Rosario, before he left for the interview, not knowing who he was going to see or what results to expect. We prayed... "not our will, but Yours."

A few days earlier, I saw a job in Pennysaver (a local classified paper) for a BUTCHER/CHEF/MANAGER for a local food specialty store. For months, there has been precious little, and no interest in someone Rosario's age... I sent his resume. The people e-mailed immediately--they were customers of his for years, and they would like an interview. Seems man is a local doctor and they bought Gaff's specialty meats and foods in Ormond. They were thrilled to meet him and said... "The job is yours if you want it. Can you start tomorrow?" Very decent wage and profit share.

Sorry to be so long, but I felt it was important to share with you all, who have been in prayer for us for so long, to share this testimony of His miraculous loving-kindness, and to edify the Body of Christ by what He has done for us! I hear my mother singing... "My Jesus deals in things, that seem so impossible... " Yes, the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead, works through us, and in us, and for us, for His Glory... Hallelujah!!! It is also our joyful duty to remain in prayer for all of you!!!!""


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