Ps. 91 :11 for He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways/

Although it happened almost 10 years ago, I remember when we received a call every parent dreads. It was not as devastating as it could have been, however, because our daughter placed it herself. “Mom, I’ve been in a car wreck on Hwy.285”. She was crying and it was difficult to understand her, so she handed the phone to a young man who had stopped to lend assistance. Likewise, I handed the phone to my husband, as I began to cry. The two men discussed the location of the accident and then the one on the scene warned us.. be prepared, her car looks really bad but I think she is o.k.

As we rushed to the scene of the accident, I called one of my prayer partners to start praying for the situation, and call the others in the group. My husband and I exited the appropriate freeway ramp, and my heart really came to a stand still.

Nighttime surrounded us and we saw the flashing lights of a fire truck and two police cars. Our daughters’ little white Celica convertible was SMASHED, terribly, as we had been warned. Then we saw her, and all I could do was cry out the name, “Jesus, Jesus”. As we rushed into each others’ arms, I held her and just cried and cried. They were tears of relief, seeing that she was coherent and seemed physically o.k. 

I looked at the mangled mess of twisted metal she emerged from. Thank God there was no one in the car but her driver's seat was the only one not terribly damaged. Thank God she had a car with air bags, and had her drivers license and insurance card handy. Thank God for the young man and woman who stopped to help her until we got there. The firemen and policemen were kind and helpful to her, although they see accidents regularly. The man who was charged with the accident was most apologetic… he just couldn’t slow down his Ford Bronco soon enough to avoid hitting her, and pushing her into the car in front of her. I was thankful for all the care given her, but what she told me next assured me angels were also watching over and protecting her.

As she received the hit from behind, the impact swung her car around, so that she was crosswise on one of the lanes of 285. The drivers side was facing oncoming traffic, and a recent few drops of rain had made the roads slick and extra dangerous. The fact that oncoming cars avoided her and moved so they didn’t smash into the left side of her car was a miracle, I believe. I know there were angels surrounding and protecting her, although they were unseen. A person doesn’t have to see to believe… that is what faith is all about. She has a great measure of faith herself, for the first thing she told me was that angels had protected her.

She was bruised and sore for awhile, and had some temporary neck and back damage, but considering her car was declared totalled, we are sure that she had angelic protection that very night.

Marion Smith [email protected]

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